Singapore Airlines (Economy): Hong Kong to Singapore

It was an evening flight, so we had plenty of time to window shop and eat (twice) within the airport. However, despite our time wasting capabilities efforts, there was a still slight delay of about 30 minutes.

Soon time to board our flight SQ871, and as with all Singapore Air flights, boarding was orderly and efficient. It was a rather full flight, so there was a flurry of activity with passengers cramming on their carry-ons into the overheads as fast as they could. It was quite a sight.

The plane was an older 777 plane and it seemed that in their rush to clean up the plane (part of the delay I guess), it was not really well cleaned. There were at least 2 long strands of hair on my seat. I know it is economy, but this is the first time cleanliness (or the lack of it) stood out on a Singapore Airlines plane.
SQ871 Hong Kong to Singapore
Seats that look clean enough
SQ871 Hong Kong to Singapore
But after taking out the pillow and blanket....
SQ871 Hong Kong to Singapore
It was not as clean as it looked to be πŸ˜…

Thankfully it was just 2 strands of hair, which can be brushed away, and the flight was less than 4 hours. That aside, the flight was pleasant enough since it was a night flight; the other passengers onboard were pretty subdued. As for the crew, they were better than the flight from Singapore to Hong Kong (e.g. no snobbish senior stewardess).

Probably because it was a night flight, hence an older plane was utilized as most passengers should be concerned about sleeping / napping more than the hardware? Anyways, As the plane is one of the older models, the entertainment system was not a touch-screen, but it worked well all the same (still the same selection of movies and dramas).

SQ871 Hong Kong to Singapore
Entertainment system

For dinner, I had the oriental selection, which I think was either fish or chicken with vegetables and rice. The food on the flight was alright, but considering that I cannot remember what kind of meat it was and how it tasted, it was a forgettable, not bad but not great either kind of meal. Maybe I should have gone with the international selection?

SQ871 Hong Kong to Singapore
The meal

Anyways the highlight of the meal was the ice-cream – Haagen Daz Strawberry Ice Cream; so much better than the Singapore Sling flavor (which tastes like medicine to me)!

SQ871 Hong Kong to Singapore
Highlight of the meal

Once dinner was over, a couple of movies, and a nap here and there, and we were already landing in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4. It was a non-dramatic night flight and when the plane landed, it was almost close to midnight, so we were pretty much almost in dreamland already.

Overall, the flight was good, sans the cleanliness, and for that price on economy, there’s nothing that can be complained about. It delivers what it says and is much more economical (especially when there is a promotion), especially if you have luggage filled with shopping loots (15/20 kg vs 30kg) than a budget flight.

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