ROYCHE X Disney Winnie the Pooh - Wireless Retro Keyboard / Silent Mouse / Wrist Pad

Shopee is starting to be one of my favorite online platforms to shop for things from work from shoes to snacks, clothes and digital devices (and the list goes on...). 😆  The prices are pretty competitive and with the vouchers (you get a choice between cashback in coins or 10% off) you get to save even more!

It's sale time (p.s. there's practically online sales every double date of the month e.g. 5.5, 6.6. 7.7 etc...) and since I also needed to get some home office equipment, I took a look at Shopee. Using the laptop keyboard might not always be idea. So it was time to update the keyboard and mouse. 

There are so many designs of wireless keyboards, and honestly it was really difficult to choose.  

After looking through the many different designs, I finally decided on getting a Winnie the Pooh set (keyboard, mouse and wrist rest pad). In fact, I am using the keyboard to type this out. 😊

The feeling while typing is somewhat similar to a typewriter and is pretty nice to use. Do note that this is not a silent model and can be pretty noisy if you are typing really fast. But that's the allure of using this keyboard. And hey it's a home set so I can be as 'noisy' as I like (of course if it were to be used in the office, I would have gotten myself a silent mouse. 😂

All for $100 after using my vouchers and coins.

Oh, and did I mention I bought it via Shopback so I got some cashback from my order on top of that? 😆

[Review for Shopback’s Cashback]

If you are interested to try out Shopback and want a SGD$5 coupon you can use on your first purchase, sign up here!

Besides Winnie the Pooh, there is also Piglet and Mickey Mouse, both of which were sweet, but Pooh won overall.  😊

Do note that this review is my experience shopping for the ROYCHE X Disney Winnie the Pooh Set from Shopee, and not on all the products and shops that are available on Shopee. When purchasing, please conduct your own research before making the payment. If you are interested in getting the wireless keyboard, mouse, and/or wrist pad, click click on the photos below!

p.s. if this is your first time purchasing from Shopee, u
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