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My first encounter with Shopback was when I started exploring the world of online shopping. Since then I’ve not looked back and my online shopping has increased, much to the dismay of my wallet. 


Shopback basically gives you cashback for using them since they are paid a commission for driving sales to their partners. Initially it sounded like something which was too good to be true. Who would get rewarded when shopping online through a third party? But tried I did and true it was.

With over 300 stores, there certainly is plenty to ogle at and the best part is that you get back a portion of your purchase in the form of cashback. And it doesn't just stop at Fashion, there are so many shops to choose, from those that sell food & beverage all the way to travel and lifestyle. It really is an online shopping haven.

I’ve managed to cash out about SGD$90 (within 2 years of moderate online spending), straight into my bank account. They were mostly from Expedia, food delivery (e.g. Foodpanda and Deliveroo), grocery, Shopee and Qoo10, but if already shop at more of the listed shops you’ll get more cashback. You’ll also get cashback with the mobile app, and ShopBack Go when eating at restaurants that they have partnered with. All you need to do is link the credit card you will be using for payment in the app. It’s that easy.

Cashing out the “bonus” pocket money is also easy: all you have to do is choose if you want to cash out to your bank account or your Paypal account. The minimum amount to cash out for both bank account and Paypal account is SGD$10 (which is not that hard to achieve).

There used to be coupons you could use in addition to the cashback, but now even if there is a lack of coupons, you still get credit card rewards on top of your cashback and it costs nothing (extra). The only downside of Shopback I can think of is having to check and calculate that you are getting the right amount of cashback based on the rate displayed.

If you are interested to try out Shopback and want a SGD$5 coupon you can use on your first purchase, sign up here!

Probably due to the covid situation, some shops such as Deliveroo and Qoo10 are not offering any cashback in Shopback for the moment. So, I started researching for an alternative and lo and behold, there is RebateMango.

Update 13 Jun 2021: RebateMango closed down so everything that is mentioned below is no longer valid and has been updated accordingly.

Dead Mango

RebateMango is now a dead mango. It used to offered a choice of rewards, whether it be cashback, airline miles, or other types of rebates like CapitaStar STAR$®. I guess it was too good to be true, so that  

Thank goodness I manged to get out $30 before it happened. Another $6 is stuck in there as the mininmum sum of $10.

Money that is stuck there... I'll just treat it as a donation to irresponsible people who will never make it big in life....

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