Top 10 Cheap Nintendo Switch Accessories You Definitely Need

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1) Tempered Glass Screen Protector for less than $10

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Before you even use your Switch, this should be your number 1 item, especially if scratches are not really your thing. The Switch is a handheld machine, so at some point in time you are going to get a scratch or 2 on it whenporting it around (and docking / undocking). Having a screen protector will also protect your screen from the Switch TV Dock, which might scratch your Switch display.

Get yours for just $2.99 - $5.99!

2) Case & Screen Protector for less than S$10

If you are the kind of person who likes pretty things and cheap things, then you can also consider this pretty case.
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The only downside of the pretty case is that the Switch cannot be docked when you put on the case. But that’s a small thing, as the case can be easily snapped on and off anytime (same for the joy con covers). The screen protector is also very easy to apply, so a bonus of sorts along with the cute cat paw print thumb grip caps!

For just less then S$10, you not only get the casing, but a tempered glass cover and two joy con grip covers as well. How’s that for a steal?

Of course, if you want something more cuter you can always get the decorated TPU covers for under S$10 (without the screen protector).
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It you want a more ergonomic cover for your joy-con with themes like Mario or Pokemon, along with 2 matching thumb grip caps, then you should get this anti-slip silicone cover. For just under $3, you get a joy-con cover with a pair of matching thumb grips. 
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Speaking of thumb grips, check out this selection of adorable joy-con thumb grip covers for just under $3 for 2 pairs!
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3) External Memory Card for less than $20 / $80

The Switch comes with only 32GB worth of space, and by the time you start it up, at least another 4GB or so are taken up by the system. So getting extra storage is key. While you can still buy games on cartridges for the Switch, some titles might need extra storage, and if you intend on going digital then all the more you need a Memory Card.
You can get a 64GB card for less than S$20 and a 256GB card is less than $80! We got the 128GB card and it is working great.

4) Joy-Con Controller Handles & Joy-Con Game Handle Steering wheel  for less than $10

If you are having fun in multiplayer, it would be good get some joy-con controller handles or steering wheel for games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which allow to use each Joy-Con on its side. With the handles or steering wheels, you would be able to hold it like a controller or wheel (depending on your preference). This makes it easier to play as it adds it adds some size and weight to each Joy-Con; making the shoulder buttons far easier to press.

For less than $5 you can get a pair of controller handles (that's double the value!) and for less than $6 you can get a pair of steering wheels. Perfect when you are on a budget.
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5) Extra Joy-Cons for less than $60

If you want to play with your family or friends, then you definitely would need to get an extra pair of joy-cons. But what to do if the original joy-cons are too pricey? Well, that would be where the Dobe joy-cons come in pretty handy (and for almost half the price of the original Nintendo joy-cons too).

Connection is easy and fast. It is thicker than the original joy-cons, so it has a better grip then the original joy-cons. The only thing is that there are no cases that will fit this joy-con, and charging is via its Type C port. But at this pricing it is perfect to get as a spare or for your 2nd / 3rd players.
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Want something a little more cheaper (and cuter)? Then you should consider the Panda Joy-con for just $48.

6) Pro-controller for less than $50

Get a Pro Controller, which is more comfortable to hold for extended periods as its ergonomic contoured grips make it a comfortable upgrade from the joy-cons. This pair from IINE are pretty affordable for less than $50!
If you think the wake up the switch function and using amiibo is not too critical for you, then you can get it for less than $40!
There's even that cute puppy Joy-Con at an even budget friendlier price of $28!

7) Charging Dock for less than $15

Want to charge your (extra) joy-cons, pro-controllers, and Switch at the same time? Then you should get yourself a 4-In-1 Controller Charger Stand. It has 4 charging slots of ABCD, which supports charging for 1 to 4 JoyCon handles at the same time. It's meant to be used with the original stand of the Nintendo Switch Dock. It's compact and simple, easy to operate, real-time display controller charging status. All that for just under $15!
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If you want something a little more to charge your pro-controllers as well, then you can consider getting something slightly more expensive but still under $15!

8) Carry Case for less than $20 / $40

So you have got your screen protector, case and controllers, what else can you get?
Well, if you plan on carrying your Switch around, then a carry case is a must have!

If you want something one the portable side (and you don't really have that many accessories, you can consider some pretty neat looking carry cases for less than $20 (some even come with a screen protector too).
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If you have more accessories, like the pro-controller, ring-fit etc.. and want to a bag to keep them all, you should consider the bigger bags which cost under $40.
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9) Portable Dock

If you want to bring your Switch with you and play on a bigger screen, but you find the original Nintendo dock too cumbersome to carry around, then you should get the SeenDa Portable Dock Station.
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This Switch TV dock features 1 HDMI port, 3 USB ports, 1 switch button, 2 USB C charging ports. You just need to xonnect it with HDMI supported output devices such as TVs, computer monitors & laptops. It just takes one button to switch between TV mode or console mode. 3 additional USB ports (1x USB 3.0; 2x USB 2.0) allows you to connect additional devices. So you can charge your devices while playing.

10) On the go - Wireless Sound Connection and Portable Battery for less than $30 (each)

If you are out on the go and love bringing (and playing your Switch) then you definitely need a portable battery to keep your Switch juiced. Introducing Gulikit's Nintendo Switch Powerbank that has 10000mAH fast charging to extend your handheld gaming duration by up to 8 hours. You can recharge your Nintendo Switch and play at the same time too. Works with most smart devices as well. This is one powerbank designed to give convenience to Switch lovers!
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Next for sound: the GuliKit ROUTE+ USB-C Bluetooth Transmitter for Nintendo Switch allows you to pair your wireless audio devices such as wireless headphones and even Bluetooth speakers to your Nintendo Switch (and even PC) seamlessly.

Additionally, it works while your Nintendo Switch is in docked mode as well! All you need to do is connect the transmitter to the included USB adaptor wire and plug it into the dock's USB and you are good to go! How easy is that?

With this neat little device, you never have to fiddle around with messy audio wires anymore while gaming. Absolutely no battery needed. Just plug and play!
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