Travel Thoughts: Booking through Klook for my Taipei Trip

Ever since I discovered Klook two years ago and used it for my trips to Hong Kong and Seoul, I am starting to love it even more: it’s so easy to use, there are discounts, and when you complete a booking / experience and leave a review you can actually earn credits to offset your next purchase. It’s like getting some of your money back to be used for future travels, and who can say no to discounts or “extra money”?

They even have a price guarantee policy where they would refund you (so they say) double the difference if you are able to find a cheaper price elsewhere; which could probably make the experience a tad sweeter.  Haven’t tried that option yet, but will do up a review if/when I do.

Since I like it so much I joined their affiliate, so just you let you know, I only recommend products and packages that I have tried (with my own money). This means that if you make a purchase after clicking on one of the links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Remember to always do your research before booking anything online, and read the fine print before paying for anything.

What is Klook?

Klook is a travel company that offers packages (e.g. city tours, night life attractions, shows and local attractions, popular tour destinations (in and outside of cities), car transportation etc…) / items (e.g. SIM card/, Wi-Fi router etc…), usually at a “best” price. It acts as a third party of sorts, which offers and links you up with travel providers. With ongoing discounts, occasional promotions, and credits which can be used to offset your next travel purchase, it is quite comprehensive site.

Booking Experience

Booking through Klook (mobile app and website) is straight forward and hassle free. So far everything (for me) has run like clockwork with no major issues popping up. You never need to print out your vouchers as they can be downloaded on the mobile app. All you have to do is show the QR code on your mobile phone. Of course, you could also print it out, but that would be further wasting the already dead trees.

Needless to say, for my Taipei trip I decided to use Klook for almost of the activities and managed to save about 33% (per person). Overall, including accommodation and flight, we managed to achieve about 20% in savings each.

Klook Experience in Taipei

Now on to my experience this time using Klook for my Taipei trip. This time I used Klook more extensively and booked from experiences (day tours, night market tours etc…) to transportation (e.g. airport transfer) and the result was seamless travel.

1) 'Unite Traveler' 4G SIM Card (TW Airport Pick Up)

Previously, I used Klook to book my Wi-Fi router for my Seoul trip and it was not only convenient, the device did have a pretty good battery life (at that time). It lasted about 8 hours each day. This time, as the departing flight from Taiwan was early in the morning, we decided to get the SIM card upon arrival instead just so that we would not have to scurry around the airport to return the Wi-Fi device; making our lives much easier.

Tip: You can also save some money if you stay in an AirBnb or accommodation where they provide a Wi-Fi router during your stay. Some hotels nowadays also offer a similar service when you stay with them (e.g. Dorsett Mongkok Hotel, and Oasia Residences Singapore).

2) Airport Transfer

Taking the Airport Bus from the airport was not as straight forward as in Seoul, at least not for the hotel we were staying at. So it was between the Aitport MRT (with Easycard) or the Airport Transfer option: while the package for the Airport MRT was cheaper (S$11.30 per person), we would have to lug our luggage with us as we meandered our way through the train station.

On the other hand, the airport transfer from Klook was S$39.39, about S$8 more (per person). For just S$8 more we could have a more smooth travel, so why not?

Note: if you want to save some money and have the time and energy to spare, then the Airport MRT (with Easy Card) package might be a better choice. The Easy Card comes with no travel value (you would have to top up). The card itself costs NT$100, so you get to save at least NT100 (S$4.50~) off the card value if you get the package..

3) Jiufen Shuttle Bus from Ximen (Day Tour)

Since we were staying in Ximending, we decided to make our lives easier by booking a shuttle bus which would bring us to this touristy site. No more getting lost or having to wait / be in sync to the public transport schedule; definitely worth the money spent (and time saved). We even managed to visit the Shifen Waterfall and catch sight of a rainbow.

4) “Free” (Tip Based) Xinyi Tour (2 hours)

This tour is tip based, so while you might not have to pay when you book for the tour, tipping the guide is definitely much appreciated. The advice amount ranges from NT100-NT500 and above (depending on the tour guide performance and your generosity). It was quite a good experience.

5) Taipei Night Market Tour

The last time we were in Taipei, we visited Shi Lin Night Market on our own. This time we decided to go the somewhat off beaten track and have a local bring us around a night market (Jingmei Night Market) and introduce the local delights. It was quite a novel experience where we were introduced to the local food and it can be considered a taste of the local flavor. The tour is in a group so the food is shared amongst the group members, ensuring that you have the stomach to try more food.

This tour is more of food sampling and introduction to the local cuisine than eating your fill, so if you are expecting to eat your fill, you might want to re-consider going in this tour. But otherwise, it is great fun and you get to make new friends too!
Highlights of this tour are:
  • Explore a secret night market in Taipei that only the locals know about!
  • Taste the local flavors of Taiwan by trying a variety of authentic Taiwanese dishes
  • Try 12 different delicacies, such as pork blood cake, stinky tofu and Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice
  • Flexible tour routes that vary from one day to another, depending on what the tour group wants to do
  • Discover Taiwan's food culture with your local guide, who speaks both Chinese and English

Overall, it has been a pleasant experience using Klook for the above activities, and it really saved a lot of time (and some money)!

If you want to see what promo codes there are for Klook, you can check out TravelBytez Promo Codes. Do take note of the validity of the promo codes. Happy Travels! p.s. If you are not yet a member at Klook, sign up here and get S$4.30 off your first transaction! 😊

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