ChungKee Dessert (松記糖水店 佐敦店), Jordon Branch

After our claypot feast, we went for a little shopping around the area to digest the food. There were quite a few stores to explore, and we were soon feeling a little low on energy when we stumbled upon ChungKee Dessert (松記糖水店 佐敦店), a branch of a popular dessert shop in Hong Kong which has many other branches.

We were tired, it was hot, so we ordered some cold desserts. 😆 The price is reasonable, averaging HK$33-50++ per dessert and there's the choice between hot and cold desserts.  The taste was also quite nice, so it's worth a visit. 👍👍👍

Our Desserts:

ChungKee Dessert (松記糖水店  佐敦店), Jordon Branch
Herbal jelly topped with fresh fruits and syrup.
ChungKee Dessert (松記糖水店  佐敦店), Jordon Branch
White fungus and papaya dessert
ChungKee Dessert (松記糖水店  佐敦店), Jordon Branch
Strawberry sauce drizzled over melt-in the mouth smooth shaved iced with toppings that were a delight when the pearls containing passion fruit syrup burst out upon biting.

ChungKee Dessert (松記糖水店  佐敦店), Jordon Branch
Address: 佐敦白加士街23號地下
Station Jordan (佐敦) station (MTR)

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