Travel Thoughts: Last minute shopping in Mongkok

Last minute shopping in Mongkok

After our fish porridge breakfast, we were supposed to head back to our hotel to checkout and prepare our journey to the airport... but we were distracted along the way. Coincidentally there were some shops which were already open for business that morning and we stumbled upon an area (I think it was Ladies Market which spans over 4 blocks) which had plenty of clothes and bags shops. 😍

Needless to say, we were soon into "shopping mode" and browsed through as many shops as we could to do some last minute buys. The clothes were going for a low as HK$50 (ard S$8-9 / USD$6~), and the designs were quite alright too. 

Last minute shopping in Mongkok
The beginning of the shopping adventure
Last minute shopping in Mongkok
It was a pretty quiet weekday morning around 11am.
Last minute shopping in Mongkok
Prices start from HK$50

One hour later, we successfully managed to part from the shopping and made our way back to do some serious last minute luggage contorting, I mean packing before we checked out. Miraculously we managed to stuff all the last minute buys into to almost packed luggage, and they were all still within the luggage weight limit. 😅

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