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If you are looking for an affordable rate for your international flight booking and happen to be based in India, than you can consider ClearTrip. It is an Indian online travel company specialising in the booking of flights and train tickets, hotel reservations, and even holiday packages which are mostly focused on India and the Gulf Region. 

Since ClearTrip is an Indian company based in India, if you are not based in India, it might be a bit of a stretch to use ClearTrip as the default pricing is in Indian Rupees (there might be a conversion charge to your credit should it be in another currency), and having to call the support would end up with a possibly high international calling if you want to call, or have to endure the time difference in which they might take to reply you via email / messaging. However, if you happen to be in India or a holiday and would like to book your next flight, train or hotel in India, you could always give ClearTrip a try.

ClearTrip is an aggregator for flights and hotels booking, being an aggregator website, what it does is gather the requested information from multiple online sources, displaying them in a format which makes it easy for the you, the consumer, to see the price range and options available. It even has its very own mobile app that makes it all the more easier for those of you who are based in India to make your booking online and on the go.

Specifically for flights, you would be able to filter it via flight price, departure time and duration (stopovers etc..). If there are any offers for the sector or flight type, they would give you a comprehensive option list to select from.

So if you are based in India and looking for some affordable rates to your international flight booking for your next holiday to some exotic place like Malaysia, you could checkout ClearTrip for Malaysia Airlines flights from India to Malaysia.

As with all aggregator sites, it would be good to practice caution and always be very sure that you know what you are getting: when the price is too good to be true, it usually is (e.g. non-refundable, not as flexible, accountability etc…). Once you have made a booking, it would be best to confirm it with the airline directly to ensure you have your seat.

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