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Shibuya Hotel En (Tokyo)

Shibuya Hotel En (formerly known as Shibuya City Hotel) sits in a prime location in Shibuya: it just a 10 minute or so walk from the Shibuya Train Station and is right smack in the center of all that food and shopping. The hotel was recently renovated in February 2016, and offers comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi. There are a total of 55 rooms.

I stumbled across Shibuya Hotel En online while desperately trying to look for an alternative to my Tokyo AirBnb (horror) apartment and instantly made a booking online via the hotel’s website. [Read about my Tokyo Airbnb Apartment Review here]

The booking process was straight forward and simple as the site was in English. At the time they were having a promotion for their soft-opening. As it is a last minute booking, the room that I wanted was not available and I went with the next available best option which only had a king sized bed. Once the booking was made, an email confirmation was sent.

Shibuya Hotel En (Tokyo)
The promotion
Getting to Shibuya Hotel En from the Tokyo Airbnb Apartment was relatively easy (if you count the small slope leading to the main street), just a 3-5 minute walk away. The signage for Shibuya Hotel En is a little inconspicuous so it might be better to orientate yourself using Bunkamura (with has a rather prominent FamilyMart around the corner) as your landmark.

Upon checking in, I was pleasantly surprised when we were upgraded to a Factory Modern Twin Comfort with two nice big and comfy beds! The room was a stark comparison to the AirBnb Apartment: it was brighter, cleaner, more spacious and definitely more comfortable.

Shibuya Hotel En (Tokyo)
Our Factory Modern Twin Comfort Room
The room was located on the 6th floor.
The room was located on the 6th floor.

The beds were clean and comfortable; most importantly bed bug and odor free! The pillows were a bliss (not too soft and flat). Being tucked under the covers and watching the TV couldn’t have been more enjoyable!

Shibuya Hotel En (Tokyo)
Every angle of the comfortable beds

There were the usual amenities in the bathroom, and the bathroom was well maintained and clean (it has been newly renovated after all). The water pressure for the shower was perfect, it was easy to adjust to the desired temperature and the pressure was just right, not too weak nor too strong.

Shibuya Hotel En (Tokyo)
The bathroom and shower area
Shibuya Hotel En (Tokyo)
The sink along with all the complimentary bathroom amenities
Shibuya Hotel En (Tokyo)
A close up of the bathroom amenities
In addition to the amenities, they also provided robes, yukata style, and slippers.
In addition to the amenities, they also provided robes, yukata style, and slippers.

Although the bathroom is surrounded by glass panels, there are blinds which you can draw down. One of the coolest things about the bathroom would be the heated bidet white throne! Oh, and did I mention than the white throne has a perfect angle of the TV, so if you draw the blinds up you can enjoy your entertainment while doing your ‘business’.

Shibuya Hotel En (Tokyo)
The work desk and nice big TV
Bottled water is complimentary and replenished daily along with the tea and coffee bags. The mini fridge was also well stocked, but we mainly used it to store our drinks and sandwiches that we bought from the nearby FamilyMart.

Shibuya Hotel En (Tokyo)
The safe, mini fridge, kettle, tea bags etc...
Shibuya Hotel En (Tokyo)
Decaf Coffee Drip Bag

Given how advanced Japan is supposed to be and technology commonly used in hotels, it was a bit surprising to learn that Shibuya Hotel En was little old-school: there are not card key but actual keys are used. Each time we left the hotel, we had to deposit our room key at the counter and get it back from the counter when we returned back. Regardless, housekeeping does a good job in keeping the rooms clean and tidy: replenishment of the amenities and the replacement of the towels were done to the T.

Shibuya Hotel En (Tokyo)
The room key
Tip: Each floor of Shibuya Hotel En has a different theme, and this would be one hotel I would definitely want to stay again in the future!

Highly Recommended: If you want to be right smack in the center of the action in Shibuya and easy access to the train – food, shopping and transport are not an issue. Moreover, Shibuya Hotel En is pretty price competitive with the other hotels within the vicinity and would definitely be your money’s worth (especially when there is a promotion). The staff might not be very proficient in English, but the level of professionalism was commendable.

If you are planning to catch the airport limousine back to either Narita or Haneda Airport, you can walk to Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu (which is near the Shibuya Station) to catch the limousine bus to the airport for a fee.

The price, while a little on the high side, is still cheaper than the bigger hotel chains in the area. Do check out the hotel's website for promotions, or online for more price competitive deals for the same place.

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