Arashimaya (嵐山): Lunch at お 食事处丁

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お 食事处丁

We chanced upon this a quaint little restaurant that probably only seats less than 30 people. Thankfully, it was not that crowded and there was air-conditioning inside. The best part? They have an English menu! Though there were no picture illustrations, the description on the English menu was more than enough for us to order our lunch.

The interior of the restaurant
The interior of the restaurant
The menu
The menu

Being the hungry person that I am, I ordered the "Temdon Set" from the Set Menu. It cost 1,000¥ and consisted of Tempura with rice with cold Soba/Udon (I went with the soba).

Temdon Set: Prawn tempura with rice with cold soba
Temdon Set: soba
The portion for the cold soba noodles was quite satisfying, and given the weather that we just 'escaped' from a wonderful reprieve.
soba noodles
The soba noodles were nice and chewy and did not chump together. When dipped in the sauce, it was refreshing and simply delicious!

After I was done with the noodles, I attacked the rice and it was simply amazing how a simply bowl of prawn tempura and rice can be so yummy!

prawn tempura and rice
The prawn tempura still retained the natural sweetness while have that extra crunch to it from being fried in batter; a perfect match with the white fluffy rice.
The crunchy appetizing pickles that went well with the rice

M had the Tempura Udon noodles and gave her thumbs up as well. The soup was flavorful but yet did not down out the flavor and texture of the tempura. Perfect when combined with the smooth chewy udon noodles.

Tempura Udon noodles with egg

As in most (if not all) eateries in Japan, plain water was available on a complimentary self-service basis. Otherwise, if you want something more exciting than plain water, there is always beer, sodas and other sweet beverages.

With our tummies satiated, it was time to move on to our next destination:  Torokko-Kameoka Station to catch the Sagano Scenic (Romantic) Railway.

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