Exploring the area around Kyoto Station (Karasuma Side)

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Kyoto Station (Karasuma Side)
Kyoto Station

There are 2 sides to Kyoto StationKarasuma and Hachijo. Besides being a train station with normal trains and the Shinkansen (a.k.a bullet trains), Kyoto Station also house the main bus terminal, which is the end/beginning point for majority of the city buses that cover tourist attractions. The bus terminal is located at the Karasuma side (busier) side (to the north). It is named after a main street that leads downtown and also leads to many hotels, shops and the Kyoto Tower. This was also the side we frequented the most over the course of our stay in Kyoto. [Kyoto Station – Finding your way

To get to the  Karasuma side, you just gave to navigate your way to the central gate/entrance and exit towards the side of the bus terminal.

Kyoto Station (Karasuma Side)
The central gate

The bus terminal at Kyoto Station is the end/beginning point for most city buses that cover many tourist attractions. The fare depends on the distance, but as long as it is within the flat-rate zone, it costs 230¥ per trip. Alternatively, there is the Kyoto City Bus One Day Pass which costs 500¥ for unlimited travel within the City Bus & Kyoto Bus Flat-Fare Zone. The pass can be purchased at the tourist center right next to the bus terminal. [Kyoto City Bus & Kyoto Bus One-Day Pass]

Kyoto Station (Karasuma Side)
Near the bus terminal
Kyoto Station Bus Terminal
A directory of buses and destinations
Kyoto Easy Sightseeing Bus Map
Kyoto Easy Sightseeing Bus Map
City Bus and Subway Route Map of Kyoto
City Bus and Subway Route Map of Kyoto

Just right across the road is the famed Kyoto Tower, which also has a shopping corner and hotel.

Kyoto Tower
Kyoto Tower in the early evening
Kyoto Tower
The entrance to the tower

Further out, there were hotels and shopping places such as BIC, Kyoto-Yodobashi etc...

A junction further down the road
There were other shopping places and restaurants/cafes/eateries. We spotted some familiar ones such as MacDonald's and Starbucks.

After walking along the streets & checking out a couple of shops, we settled on where to have breakfast the next morning!

With breakfast already decided on (What can I say? We just like to be prepared and not wandering around aimlessly looking for a place to eat early in the morning 😛), we made our way back to the apartment for our well deserved rest!

Kyoto Tower
The view of Kyoto Tower on our way back to the apartment

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