Breakfast at Kohikan (珈琲館 京都東本願寺前店)

Kohikan Cafe
Kohikan Cafe

During our exploration of the area around Kyoto Station (further down the Karasuma Exit near the Kyoto Tower) the night before, we decided to have our breakfast at Kohikan. If you haven’t guessed it already, Kohikan specializes in “Charcoal Roasted” coffee using the siphon method.

We began our first morning in Kyoto energetic and chirpy at 8:30am from Tofukuji Station
We began our first morning in Kyoto energetic and chirpy at 8:30am from Tofukuji Station
At the platform waiting for the train
At the platform waiting for the train
The interior
The interior of the cafe with hues of brown and earthy tones
Note: Seating in this café is separated into smoking and non-smoking. The smoking area is literally a glass portioned section of the café, and the air ventilation is good so non-smokers need not worry about the smell of cigarettes ‘escaping’ and enjoy your meal.
The Japanese menu

The staff can speak basic English and they even have an English menu (not all restaurants/cafes have them). Unfortunately for me, the English menus did not have a translation of their yummy looking breakfast sets, so I settled for some good ol’sandwiches and iced tea, while M had her much needed coffee-fix and order the thick fluffy pancakes.

The English Menu
The English menu with no illustrations
The English Menu
The prices were pretty reasonable

Given a second chance, I would have gone for the more yummy breakfast set, but the sandwiches were still nice. M’s coffee arrived in a glass-globe that was heated from below, and was poured into a coffee cup by the waitress attending to us. Needless to say, when we were seated, we were handed some wet towels to wipe our hands (totally love this service!).

The pancakes (which I had the last couple of bites of since M is not an appreciator of pancakes haha) were thick and a shade of dark brown. However, do not be deceived by its looks! The pancakes were slightly crisp on the outside and totally fluffy on the inside; no burnt taste whatsoever. They were pretty moist, not hard and dry like some other pancakes, and went very well with the honey (or was it maple syrup?) and butter that accompanied them.

The fluffy pancakes

In general, though the prices at Kohikan are pretty much standard prices you can find in cafes in Singapore as well, there are some items that are slightly (much more) cheaper and the food (even) more fresh. That aside, the service and overall experience was much better (ok, so I was swept off my feet with the attention to detail, generosity of the wait staff and the food portions, and patience that was displayed by the Japanese haha).


Anyways, with our tummies filled and M hydrated on her coffee it was time to head down to Arashimaya (Old Town) for the first adventure of the day!

Kohikan (珈琲館 京都東本願寺前店)

Kohikan Website
Address: Shimogyo-ku Kyoto Kyoto, 京都府 京都市下京区  七条通烏丸東入ル真苧屋町195
Telephone: 075-351-9157 (+81-75-351-9157)
Operating Hours: 07:00~21:30  / Open on Sundays

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