Hotel New Otani Kumamoto (Japan)

Hotel New Otani Kumamoto (Japan)
Some corner of the lobby

Our group tour in Japan, started with our stay at Hotel New Otani Kumamoto. We only stayed for a night, so we did not get to explore the hotel grounds which had restaurants, shops and a bakery on the first floor, swimming pool, fitness club, tennis courts and, rooftop terrace. Since it was a group tour we did not spend much time in the hotel, but one thing that stood out was the cute ‘bear’ mascot throughout the hotel. 

Hotel New Otani Kumamoto (Japan)
View from the room

The view from the room was splendid at night and the room itself was small but clean. The décor however, seemed to be a little dated (perhaps from the 90s?). Dated décor aside, the room was clean and comfortable with the usual amenities like slippers, robes, tea bags, kettle, a safe, etc…

Our 'key' in the form of token and what triggers the electricity for the lights and all
Hotel New Otani Kumamoto (Japan)
The beds were comfortable (enough) although the pillows could have been fluffier.  
Hotel New Otani Kumamoto (Japan)
The only window in the room with a shade
Hotel New Otani Kumamoto (Japan)
The TV (though a tad dated), had about 20 channels that we could choose from (e.g. CNN, Discovery  etc..).
Hotel New Otani Kumamoto (Japan)
Cups, kettle, tea bags etc...

The biggest letdown would have to be the dated plastic-ky toilet in an odd shade of yellow beige. But other then the underwhelming exterior, the toilet was clean and functional with the complimentary items like toothbrush & paste, cotton swabs etc… 

Hotel New Otani Kumamoto (Japan)
The yellow lights did not help with the ambience of the toilet
Hotel New Otani Kumamoto (Japan)
Is that sink supposed to be yellow or beige? Having plastic for bathroom counter material give it a 'cheap' feel
Hotel New Otani Kumamoto (Japan)
Toilet with a bidet!
Hotel New Otani Kumamoto (Japan)
Toohbrush, cotton swabs, shower cap, combs, razor etc...
Hotel New Otani Kumamoto (Japan)
In-room slippers and extra chairs or luggage holders
Hotel New Otani Kumamoto (Japan)
There's a vending machine for ice and water

Conclusion: Considering the rating for this hotel (which is supposed to be 4 stars), it is luxury alright, but dated. It would have been better if were updated to keep up with the times to enhance the experience. It was good for one night, but if given the option I would definitely stay somewhere else. Still if you are willing to forgo the decor and ambiance, if the price is right than this might be what you are looking for because of its proximity to the Kumamoto railway station.

  1. Service              
  2. Value                 
  3. Sleep Quality       
  4. Cleanliness       
  5. Location            
  6. Rooms              
Overall Experience: 

This guest post was brought to you by DramaQueen - a slightly biased Korean music fan who loves food, life and traveling with her best friend when possible. ^^ 

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