Our Times (我的少女時代)

Our Times (我的少女時代)
Our Times (我的少女時代)
This movie is simple and sweet, perfect for taking out that tissue box and wiping a tear or two. The plot is (a little too) idealistic and a tad cliché but it still makes for a good time: there are touching (tear-jerking) moments, sweet moments (that make you go awww… or just think that it is sappy) and hilarious moments (that make you laugh till your stomach hurts). 

Sypnosis (and yes… some spoilers... perhaps)

This story is about a girl called Lin Truly, who is played by Vivian Sung as the high school girl version and Chen Qiao En as the adult version. We are first introduced to the adult truly (sounds much better in Chinese). She struts her way trumpihly into the office having clinched an (apparently) big deal and spots a diamond ring on her hand. Everyone crowds around her and congratulates her. Seeing this, you would thing that Truly is a success career woman who has both the career and love of her life. But that façade is soon broken away as the next scene depicts Truly struggling to finish her never ending work.

We soon realize that Truly is actually taken advantage of by her boss and made to overwork without any overtime pay. All the deals that she has clinched are not rewarded according to the hard work she puts in; often being shortchanged. Her colleagues, especially her team members (under her) while outwardly show their admiration of her... Read more>>
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