Haji Lane and Piedra Negra (Mexican Food)

It was a hazy week and also the last week that LuttiSparrow was in Singapore before she whisked back to the U.K. for school. So where else to spend the time but to explore the interesting streets of Haji Lane (a Arab Street enclave): with colorful graffiti peppering the walls with lots of eateries from Persian, Turkish, Mexican, to Thai-Chinese and quaint little cafes surrounding the area, it makes a pretty good stop if you ever are in Singapore.

Haji Lane and Piedra Negra (Mexican Food)
... where modern buildings and individualism meet ...

Besides graffiti and food, there are also a lot of individualistic shops selling all kinds of quirky things.

Haji Lane and Piedra Negra (Mexican Food)
The colorful allies
Haji Lane and Piedra Negra (Mexican Food)
and interesting shops

And I have to say, it’s all thanks to LuttiSparrow that I got to explore a little of Haji Lane, a place that I’ve known but hardly ever visited. Haji Lane gives off am off-bit, slightly bohemian, vibrant vibe, with huge colorful murals on the street walls; it is certainly a place to visit if you are looking for a different side of Singapore

Haji Lane and Piedra Negra (Mexican Food)
Colorful walls
Haji Lane and Piedra Negra (Mexican Food)
Imaginative and whimsical

After walking for a bit, we stumbled upon Piedra Negra – a Mexican Restaurant right in the heart of this hipster neighborhood. We were taken in by the vibrant music blasting out of the restaurant and the colorful decorations of the restaurant and so we entered the restaurant with anticipation.

Haji Lane and Piedra Negra (Mexican Food)
Piedra Negra during the daytime
Piedra Negra
Part of the decor inside

There were both indoor and outdoor seats, thankfully there was space inside (to avoid the haze). We weren’t really that hungry and so we only had the appetizers, but the portions were more than enough; good for 3-4 people!

Piedra Negra
Lime Juice & Sangria
Sangria – for the size of the glass was a little pricy at S$16, but since it’s alcohol I guess it can’t be avoided. Taste-wise LuttiSparrow gave her thumbs up and I took a sip of it… It was delicious and tasted more like (alcoholic) grape juice with lots of fruit bits inside.
Piedra Negra
The guacamole was freshly prepared for us, right at our table! The waiter came to our table in with a mortar and pestle, added in half a avocado, onions, jalapenos, cilantro and lime juice, and mixed them right at our table. It was a delish along with the tacos ^^
Piedra Negra
All the food!
Beef Nacho (top left): The beef was fresh and perfect with the nachos, melted cheese, jalepeno peppers. It was something that was different for a change.

Service-wise, the waitress(es) who greeted (and seated) us was friendly and prompt. They were also attentive when we signaled for ordering and when it came to payment; enhancing the dining experience. For the portions of the food and the alcohol that we ordered, the bill came up to S$50, which wasn’t that expensive (of course it would have been better if we had more than 2 persons haha). Definitely recommended for (lively) group gatherings!

Haji Lane
The mosque

Piedra Negra

Address: 241 Beach Rd, Singapore
Tel: 6291-1297
Operating Hours: Weekdays (Sun-Thurs) 12pm-12am, Fri 12pm-2am; Sat 5pm-2am
Nearest MRT: Bugis
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