Back to Singapore on Tiger Airways with a scrumptious dinner at the Suvarnabhumi Airport

On our way home sweet home

After clarifying some details of the cashback guarantee, which we used the remainder for some foot massage at the hotel, we finally checked out and made our way to the Suvarnabhumi Airport. The concierge team at the lobby was efficient and prompt in getting us a taxi to the airport; even helping us with our luggage onto the taxi. It took less than10 minutes for the taxi to arrive and we were off!

Traffic was slow, given that it was close to peak hour, but not jammed. We managed to get to the Suvarnabhumi Airport within 45 minutes and it cost us about 400 baht, which included a toll fee of 50 baht. Checking-in our luggage was a breeze at the Tiger Airways counter as there wasn’t much of a queue. 

Compared to the last time I was at Suvarnabhumi Airport, the upgrading works that were being done the last time seemed to have been completed: other than the lack of renovation boards and new shops lining the airport, it was actually also much more cooler (a much needed reprieve from the heat outside).

Note: If you are early for your flight, there is plenty to eat, see, and buy to spend the time while waiting for your flight. Of course, there is also the complimentary Wi-Fi (just for an hour) you can use to Facebook, Youtube or Whatsapp your time till it's time for takeoff. The password has to be retrieved from the service counter.

With our hands luggage-free it was off to buy some souvenirs and grab a bite. We finally settled on a Thai restaurant, Silom Village Restaurant, and the food was better than expected!

Silom Village Restaurant
Silom Village Restaurant
Silom Village Restaurant
The seating within the open-aired restaurant
Silom Village Restaurant
How can you not have Thai iced tea when in Thailand? :)
Silom Village Restaurant
Phad Thai - not too oily and tasteful
Silom Village Restaurant
Green curry fried rice - a yummy concoction, just imagine goodness of green curry and rice... together.
Silom Village Restaurant
Duck egg noodles - very Chinese influenced. The soup broth wasn't too bad and the pieces of duck were tender.
Silom Village Restaurant
Tom Yum fried rice with succulent prawns on the side

The total damage lunch cost us was 1889 baht. And with our tummies filled, we made our way to our gate, just in time for take off. The flight back to Singapore was just as good as the last time. Thankfully boarding the plane was a smooth process with no delays and waiting. The plane took off as scheduled, hence concluding a successful mini-holiday and good experience with Tiger Airways. Till the next time Bangkok.... ^^

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