When in South Korea: getting your internet fix

Ok, so there are many ways you can get your internet fix when you travel to South Korea. The worst option would be to use local (Singapore) dataroam since it is really not kind on your wallet (and with free Wi-Fi and other alternatives available, this is one option to avoid). In the past, the only option was to rent a Wi-Fi egg or get your local (Korean) SIM card when you arrived in South Korea. But now you now can do so before you even depart for South Korea at Changi Airport (Singapore)!

Getting either the Wi-Fi egg or EG SIM card before you leave for South Korea is perfect if you want to save time and/or are going to be arriving late at night/early in the morning when the shops in Incheon Airport have already closed/not yet opened for the day. However, if your budget is a little tight or if you would want to save a bit, than you could always tap into the ready available free wifi almost every in Seoul. Moreover, if you stay in accommodations (e.g. AirBnB) you not only get complimentary in-home Wi-Fi but also (sometimes) as a bonus, a complimentary Wi-Fi egg which you can bring out with you on your travels (super convenient!).

Nevertheless, if you prefer having something that belongs to you throughout your trip than the better option would be to get your very own Wi-Fi egg (especially if you have a big group) or 3G Korean SIM Card.

Apparently, the current offering for the Wi-Fi egg is as follows:

  • Rental Rate: $14/day (FLAT rate)

  • Package Rate: 1 Day(S $14), 5 Days(S $60)

Deposit: $200 (When loss or damaged, total charge will be  $200)

Device Connector(s): Can connect up to 10 devices

Data Limit per Day: 500MB

More information: http://polkadotyyann.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/korea-wifi-egg-rental-is-finally-in-singapore/ 
The EG SIM card, on the other hand, would cost S$38 for 30 minutes worth of talktime and 500mb of data. You have to ensure that the Sim card is compatible with your phone. [Read all about my experience and thoughts using the EG SIM card here]
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