Hongdae Hope Market (Weekend Market)

Once we were rested, refreshed (with waffles and caffeine) and had enough of sheep, we departed from Thanks Nature Café and made our way to the Hongdae Weekend Market. Although the market was not very big, it was an interesting experience with the unique items (e.g. hats, shoes and t-shirts painted with interesting characters, ceramic accessories/jewelry, dolls made from wire, diaries with handmade covers etc…) and a bustling youthful crowd. 
Hongdae Hope Market (Weekend Market)
Hongdae Hope Market (Weekend Market)
The Hongdae Market is held regularly on weekends and is located front of the main entrance to Hongik University, right next to the playground. Known as the Free Market on Saturday and the Hope Market on Sunday.
On Sundays, the Hope Market is held from about 1pm to 6pm (same timing as the Free Market) and shares the same ideals as the Free Market, serving as an art platform for innovative artists to show their work or performances. There are no used goods, only creative unique items that are created by innovative artists. Besides quirky handmade items, there are also performances at a corner of the market: artists of various genres transform the corner of the market into an open stage for music, dance, performance art etc… Unfortunately for us, we were there pretty late (around 5pm, just before closing time), so some of the artists and stalls were already packing up for the day. 
Hongdae Hope Market (Weekend Market)
Adorable street snacks!
Once we were done browsing the market (with a little shopping, of course), we wandered around the some more and did (even more) shopping before heading off to meet DramaQueen and MX for dinner! 
more shopping before dinner

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