Comma Cafe (콤마카페)

We visited Comma Cafe on the morning before we were to depart for Jeju. After the late dinner at Haha's 401 Restaurant the night before, we decided to head down (right next to KIM's Studio) Comma Cafe for breakfast.

Located right next to Hongik University Station (subway) Exit 3 is Comma Cafe, a quaint unique cafe that resembles a cozy, trendy library: there are tons of books and shelves. Comma Cafe is a concept by one of the largest publishing companies in South Korea, Munhakdongne, where you can not only enjoy a cuppa with friends, but also read and buy the books stacked from floor to ceiling (there is even a ladder which you can use to reach the books on higher selves!). Most of the books are sold at half-price, and some of them are not even available anywhere else, so book lovers out there rejoice! Of course, the books are mostly in Korean (but hey, English books like "Fifty Shades trilogy"), so take note. 

Comma Cafe (카페콤마)

The environment at Comma Cafe is pretty conducive for reading and (even) studying, and being near Hongik University, it is no surprise that there are students happily mugging away in such a conducive environment. There are also other interesting products (besides books) on sale (e.g. environmentally friendly handmade soap etc...).

Comma Cafe is really a nice cozy cafe (whether you love to read or not), and I have to say, having breakfast in such an environment was very relaxing and a nice reprieve from the cold morning autumn breeze.

Comma Cafe (카페콤마)
My unique breakfast: iced tea and melon cake. The cake was nice and melony, and the tea was not too sweet
Comma Cafe (카페콤마)
M's breakfast: a nice hot cuppa coffee and sandwhich

After hanging out at Comma Cafe we decided to take a walk around the Hongdae area before meeting up with C and heading to Gimpo Airport to catch our flight to Jeju. As it turned out, most of the shops open from 1130am onwards, so there went out ideas of shopping as there wasn't much to see (at about 1030am). But after meandering for a while, M still managed to get 3 (leather) jackets at Forever 21 at a really good price. 

With (some) shopping in hand, we made our way back to KIM's Studio to collect out luggage and head to Comma Cafe to wait for C and have another round of coffee before heading off to the airport.

Comma Cafe

Address: 마포구 동교동 155-27 1층 (2호점), Seoul
Opening Hours:
7-12 am
Tel:  +82 2-323-8555

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