A little mini drama: From Jeju Airport to Jejueco Suites and Dinner

Jeju Airport
Touchdown at Jeju Airport!

When C finally arrived at Jeju Aiport, we made our way to buy the tickets for the 600 shuttle (airport limousine bus) to bring us to a stop where the Jejueco people were supposed to come and fetch us. It was a longer walk than usual as there was some renovations being done, so we had to take a detour. The tickets cost us 4,500 won each and it could be paid either by cash or T-Money. DramaQueen and MX arrived earlier in the day to Jeju just so that they could visit the Glass Castle than check into Jejueco Suites.

600 shuttle (airport limousine bus)
Airport Limousine
There was a slight misunderstanding and we missed our stop! Well, the instructions weren't exactly clear, so make sure you get off at the first stop after 45 minutes into the ride. That and make sure you get the directions clearly because there is no specific stop that is called Yomiji. Anyways, by the time we realized the blunder (when Victor called to get a status update on our location) we quickly alighted at the Jeju International Convention Center (JICC) stop and called Victor (the owner of Jejueco Suites) to report our location to get picked up. Thank goodness he sent his staff Alex to come get us on a cold quiet autumn's night on Jeju (island).

Jeju International Convention Center (JCC)
Waiting for our ride

Alex, in the words of C "was a little harassed looking" and very direct. He wasn't rude or anything, but his frustration showed (a tiny winy bit) when we asked if he could drop us off at a place for dinner. Well, it is somewhat understandable since we missed our stop (unintentionally) and caused some delay. However, despite the slight attitude, Alex did recommend us this really awesome Korean eatery called "맛집" and arranged a time for when transport would come to collect us and send us back to Jejueco Suites. We ordered beanpaste stew which came with noodles (kinda like banmian!), pork bulgogi with vegetable wraps, and (of course) black pork (something Jeju is famous for). The banchan which consisted of kimchi and anchovies was awesome!

Delicious food! ^^

When dinner was done (in about an hour or so), the transport arrived, this time driven by Victor himself. Our luggage was already in the room and all we had to do was unpack and hit the sack after a long day of mini drama. Victor was so nice, he knew that DramaQueen was my friend (well, since I was the one who did the booking haha), he gave us connected rooms! According to DramaQueen, she was very happy with her room, because it was filled with utensils and slippers that were of the cute and pink Hello Kitty variety.

Our room at Jejueco Suites

We stayed at Jejueco Suites for 3 days / 2 nights and joined the tour, which was a good choice as we were brought to some really nice scenic places and restaurants that served yummy food for lunch. If you are interested in staying at Jejueco Suites and taking up the tour, do check out their website for more details and email them directly for a booking. Since our booking had the tour, wifi, breakfast, lunch and admission fees (to the attractions in the tour) were included. Our stay (plus tour) cost us 270,000 won each.

If you would like to just stay at Jejueco Suites (minus the tour), you can checkout the prices online to see if there are any discounts or promotions.

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