Thoughts Thoughts: 6th Korean Night Festival

This year's Korean Night Festival was bigger than last year and was held at the Singapore Conference Hall. Just as the year before there were stations where one could try their hand at wearing a hanbok (and having your picture taken) and play traditional Korean games - a combination of Korean traditional and modern cultural booths. The Korean Night Festival also serves as a platform for singers and dancers (finalists on the K-pop World Festival Competition) to perform and get an opportunity to stand a chance to represent Singapore in the KBS K-pop World Festival Competition with an all expenses paid trip to Seoul if the winner is in the top 15 countries. 

6th Korean Night Festival
Performances and games before the concert

It was a day of fun and all things Korean, with a Korean concert featuring Lunafly and other cool performances. Before the concert in the evening started, there were games and quizzes that started at 1pm in the afternoon: there were some performances held at the foyer and a fan-sign by Lunafly. There was this adorable Taekwondo performance by 3 little girls.

The concert required a ticket (S$30), but I guess it was worth it because there was a goodie bag and it was also the day we discovered Lunafly. The chairs were comfortable and the sound system was better, it was definitely an 'upgrade' from the year before. ^^

6th Korean Night Festival
Goody Bag! ^^
6th Korean Night Festival
Just before the concert, look at the people!
6th Korean Night Festival
The competing finalists

Before the finalists competed, there was an opening number done by the Dance Factory.

Here is the complied version of the finalists and their performances that we were treated to.

Towards the end of the concert, there was a yo-yo performance (as good as last year) and a Taekwondo display which was cool! I think I'll just let the video do the talking. ^^

And than... after all the performance and the prize giveaways, even a lucky draw with the grand prize being a pair of tickets to Korea (courtesy of the Korean Tourism Board)! Unfortunately we didn't win anything... but the finale which Lunafly did to wrap up the night was a good consolation. In fact, I think we became fans that night. ♥ ㅋㅋㅋ

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