DTAC Happy Tourist 3G Prepaid SIM Card

I used to use the roaming provided by a local telco for convenience sake for my trips to Taipei and Paris, but it is really more cost effective to just get a local SIM (of your destination). For this trip to Bangkok, Thailand, we decided to get the DTAC Happy Tourist 3G, which has a 299 Baht option that comes with 100 Baht (about S$4) worth of free calls and complimentary 7-day unlimited internet access! Though we were there for 4 days, the 100 Baht worth of calls were handy for calling back  home.

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Being too used to being connected online, this is really quite a deal for about S$12. Even if you decide to purchase online and have it delivered to you, 299 + 350 (Baht) = about S$25. And for that price (which is about a quarter of what you would pay if you used your local telco), it really is more cost effective than enabling (using) your local telco’s roaming services.
Tip: When you come out of the Arrival gate with your luggage in tow, DTAC is not the first shop that you see. DTAC is located on the right at Gate 7. 

Where to get your DTAC Happy Tourist 3G SIM Card  

You can either choose to purchase the card online to beat to crowd, or choose to get it upon arrival and jostle with the crowd (which was what we did)

Purchase online

If you choose to purchase the card online from DTAC's website, all you need to do is is select the type of SIM card (Normal / Micro / Nano). After choosing the type of SIM card, make a full payment via credit cards and choose from two convenient options:
  1. Pick up your Tourist SIM order at Suvarnabhumi Airport
  2. Delivery fee: No charge Participating store: dtac hall Suvarnabhumi Airport 2nd Floor-Passenger Terminal / West Operating hours: Everyday (24 Hours) Note: Once you make the payment online, you can pick up your order at the airport within 24 hours
  3. Have it delivered to your doorstop with International Delivery at a fee of 350 Baht (Flat Rate) Worldwide

Purchase it when you arrive at the DTAC Service Centre Location

Of course, if you prefer it the old fashion way (which was what we did this time), you can get your Thailand prepaid 3G SIM card when you touchdown. Upon arrival, simply head to Gate 7, which is located on the 2nd Floor of the Arrival Hall, There you will find the DTAC service. Do be prepared that there might be a long of people who also want to purchase their 3G SIM cards.
Tip: All 3 local Thai Telcos have the same plane of 299 baht with unlimited internet access, so I guess it should not matter which one you choose as long as you are happy with it.   

If you do get your card when you arrive, one of the good things about it is that the counter staff will actually insert the SIM card into your phone and configure it for you on the spot. However, even if you purchase it online and choose to have it delivered, you should be able to set your prepaid SIM card on your own.

Setting Up Your Prepaid SIM Card
Once you have purchased your DTAC Happy Tourist SIM card. You simple need to:
  1. Insert the DTAC Happy Tourist SIM card into your phone
  2. Wait for about 5 seconds for SMS confirmation
  3. Start using to make calls / use the internet
* Be sure to test your SIM card right after purchasing, in the event that it isn’t working properly.


Using a local (destination) SIM card has its benefits. For one, the reception should be better than using your local telco’s roaming (case in point; reception wasn’t exactly stellar throughout and making calls were expensive in Paris).

During our 4D/3N Bangkok trip, reception with the DTAC Happy Tourist SIM (on an android) was good and relatively strong. Making calls locally (in Bangkok) and back home were more affordable and there is even  unlimited internet access (a big plus)!


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