Wulai (烏來): Hot Springs and Accommodations

There are various ways to enjoy the hot springs in Wulai:

  1. If your budget allows and/or you want to experience a more luxurious (and private) hot springs experience, spending some money for a couple of hours (or a night or two) to get a private room or use the public hot spring areas of the many hotels, resorts, inns (bed & breakfasts) that are peppered throughout the area is the option for you. You just have to find one that is within your budget and comfort (some are really ‘open’ a.k.a all naturel  nu).

  2. If you’re feeling adventurous and/or just want to save some money, the best way to enjoy an original hot spring experience is to bathe at the open-air hot spring on the bank of Nanshih Creek. Just do as the locals do!
Wulai (烏來): Hot Springs and Accommodations
Enjoying the hot springs by the river side

If you decide to spend a few nights or a few hours, for the price conscious (not too fussy) travelers, you can consider:
  1. Full Moon Spa, Wulai (烏來明月溫泉)
    Located in the Wulai “old street”/bus terminus area, this relatively affordable 3 star accommodation is highly recommended by hot spring fans. While the décor retains an old world Japanese-styled charm, it still appeals to visitors who prefer to have elements of contemporary facilities. If you intend to stay a night or two, online prices range from about S$112 - 170++ (NT$2,700 - 4,100) per night. Can accommodate up to 4 people in a room. [Tripadvisor Reviews]

    If you just want to enjoy the hot springs for a couple of hours, they offer an hourly rate (from about NT$1,200 / 2 persons / hour and upwards). Just check out the official website.

  3. Spring Spa Hotel
  4. Located in Wulai District, the Spring Spa Hotel offers a spacious base while visiting New Taipei City, and also includes a beauty centre, a spa & wellness centre and a Jacuzzi. Online prices range from about S$133 - 210++ (NT$3,200 - 5100) per night. Can accommodate up to 4 people in a room. [Tripadvisor Reviews

  5. Sky Life Spring 
  6. Sky Life Spring is located along the Xindian-Wulai route and has shuttle service available. Best if you understand Chinese as the website has no English version. Rates per night are about S$250 - 315 (NT$6,000 - 7,600).

  7. Wulai Spring Resort
  8. Wulai Spring Resort is a 10-min. walk from the Wulai bus terminus; providing free shuttle available. If you are unsure or unable to find the pricing online, the official website provides more details in helping you make that decision - to enjoy the hot springs for a couple of days or a few hours. [Tripadvisor Reviews]

    While those who seek something a little more (and can afford it are willing to spend):
    1. Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort (馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店)
    2. Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort
      Taken from Volandoo Urai Spring Spa & Resort Website
      Probably 1 of the 2 most luxurious spas/resorts in Wulai, Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort (馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店) is located along the route from Xindian to Wulai and offers splendid view and serenity. Online prices range from S$600 -1000++ (NT$14,400 - 25,000) per night. [Tripadvisor Reviews

    3. Wulai Pause Landis Resort
    4. Located right next to Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort (馥蘭朵烏來渡假酒店)Wulai Pause Landis Resort is the other luxurious resort offering luxury accommodation and spas. Online prices range from S$305 - 1,200++ (NT$7,300 - 28,000++) per night. [Tripadvisor Reviews]

    Tips/rules on enjoying the hot springs: [excerpt from Go 2 Taiwan]
    1. Take a shower before bathing in hot springs to maintain the cleanliness of the water.
    2. Women should avoid bathing in hot springs during their menstrual period.
    3. Be sure to test the temperature of the water with a finger or toe before getting in to make sure the hot springs are not too hot.
    4. Avoid bathing in hot springs 30 minutes before eating a meal, and one hour after a meal.
    5. Do not drink alcohol while bathing in hot springs .
    6. Make sure there is enough air circulation in indoor hot springs facilities.
    7. Do not soak in hot springs for too long. Generally, 30 minutes each time is the limit, and one should not bath in the springs more than three times per day.
    8. Be sure to drink plenty of water before and after soaking in hot springs . Drinking sports drinks is also recommended.
    9. People with heart diseases and pregnant women should not soak in hot springs .

    How to Get There

    From Taipei:

    MRT -> Bus
    1. Take MRT to Xindian Station (the southernmost stop on the green line)
    2. Take Bus 1601 or 849 (bus stop is in front of the station) to Wulai for about NT$15-40. The bus journey takes about 40 minutes (usually a little longer on weekends). For a better view of the scenic landscape, face the right side when you board the bus.
    3. Wulai Old Street (烏來老街) is a short 5 to 10 minutes walk from the Wulai bus terminal. You will have to cross a short bridge to reach.

    MRT -> Taxi
    If you do not want to compete with the crowd, you could take a taxi after alighting at Xindian MRT Station. A taxi trip should cost about NT$650++.

    Transportation and Getting Around Wulai:

    Wulai is small enough that you should be able to get around on foot without much problem, sans the minor slopes and relatively short distances. If you want to see the waterfalls or go to the amusement park, you could take the cable car and/or tram to get around; giving a different perspective.

    If you are interested in exploring parts of Wulai which are slightly further out, where the hiking and natural attractions are available, you can either take a taxi or rent a scooter. Taxis are available for hire: each trip within the Wulai area costs NT$200 and for shorter distances NT$150. If you prefer, you can also rent a scooter and explore at your own pace instead.

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