Simply Gourmet-licious Flatbreads! (Domino’s Pizza)

Domino's Pizza Flatbreads
My first ever invite (thank you & Domino’s Pizza!) to a food tasting session to try the latest product from Domino’s Pizza - the Flatbread - that comes in a variety of 6 flavors. It was an interesting night of meeting new people and trying out something new. Unlike pizzas which are circular in shape, the Flatbread resembles a rectangular piece of bread and somewhat reminds me of focaccia bread.

We had a short presentation by Keith Brown, the Country Operations Manager for Domino’s Pizza about the Flatbread concept and a general overview of the services. He mentioned that all the dough at Domino’s Pizza, from the pizzas to the Flatbreads were handmade (tossed) and baked upon order. The handmade point resonated when I tried the Flatbreads fresh out of the oven, the texture and flavor is really one that is from handmade dough; just like the ones I ate when I was in Paris – warm, soft (with a little bit of chewiness) and simply delectable.

Domino's Pizza Flatbreads
All those yummy Flatbreads waiting to be devoured!
While the focus on pizzas are the toppings and in most cases the more toppings the better, but in the case of Flatbreads, the toppings are more to enhance the flavor of the Flatbread. So don’t go expecting the same amount of cheese and toppings as with pizzas. But I am not complaining because they were delicious and filling all the same.

Wondering what the 6 flavors are? Well, without further ado they are:

1. Pesto Prawn

Domino's Pizza Pesto Prawn Flatbread
Description: Adorned with succulent prawns that have been marinated in herbs and spices, fresh cherry tomatoes, spinach, mozzarella cheese over presto sauce.

This is one flavor that would sit well with seafood lovers and those looking for something subtle in flavor (but with meat – if you consider seafood meat). The herbs and fresh spices over the pesto sauce brought out the flavor of the Flatbread, while the prawns added that subtle seafood touch. The cherry tomatoes, spinach and mozzarella cheese gave the Flatbread that light and clean taste, which brought out the flavor of the Flatbread even more and complimented the pesto sauce perfectly.

2. BBQ Beef

Domino's Pizza Beef BBQ Flatbread
Description: This beefy flavored Flatbread is good for the meat lovers out there. It has toppings of ground beef, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese that matches well with the smoky BBQ sauce.

I did find that out of all the flavors, the BBQ Beef Flatbread has the strongest flavor. The BBQ flavor lingers over the flavor of the Flatbread and like the name says it is very beefy! Great for those who love their beef (and meat), and BBQ sauce: the combination of BBQ sauce and beef was just right, not too much till one would get tired of it, nor too little. The green peppers and onions added that extra bit of crunchy texture to the Flatbread, while the mushrooms and mozzarella cheese finished the overall flavor of the BBQ Beef Flatbread nicely.

3. Chicken Alfredo

Domino's Pizza Chicken Alfredo Flatbread
Description: This Flatbread, needless to say, has chicken in it. To be more precise it has chicken Potpurri sausages, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese over a garlic butter sauce.

Thoughts: This would have to be one my favorites! The garlic butter sauce over the Flatbread was simply yummilicious: that delightfully subtle buttery garlic taste that lingers in the mouth after taking a bite. Together with the chicken Potpurri sausages, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, this Flatbread kind of reminded me of a cross between garlic bread and pizza, but better and easier on the stomach.

4. Margherita

Domino's Pizza Margherita Flatbread
Description: The Margherita Flatbread comes with cherry tomatoes, olives, pesto, and mozzarella cheese, with a napolitana sauce.

Compared with the other flavors, this Flatbread is somewhat basic in flavor and brings out the flavor of the Flatbread in a different way, as the napolitana sauce is tomato based. With the napolitana sauce, it is one Flatbread that most resembles its pizza counterpart. I am not a big fan of olives, so that was the deal breaker for me. But this Flatbread would be perfect for those who like their Margheritas with olives.

5. Chicken Sambal

Domino's Pizza Chicken Sambal Flatbread
Description: Unlike the Chicken Alfredo, which has chicken Potpurri sausages, this Flatbread has shredded chicken, pineapples, red peppers and mozzarella cheese over spicy sambal sauce.

This Flatbread is another one of my favorites, perfect for those who like something different with a local “Singaporeanized” flavor - sambal sauce. The pineapples and red peppers together with the shredded chicken and mozzarella cheese added that nice touch of sweetness and crunchiness; giving it that ‘tropical feeling’. Despite using sambal sauce, which is supposed to be spicy, I found the sambal sauce not spicy at all. Instead, the sambal sauce had a nice tinge of sweetness that complimented the pineapples. I would recommend this Flatbread for the adventurous who like to try something new (in a nice way of course) and have a reasonable tolerance towards spiciness (just in case).

6. Spinach & Feta

Domino's Pizza Spinach & Feta Flatbread
Description: The Spinach & Feta Flatbread has garden spinach and mushrooms together with both mozzarella and feta cheese (nice cheesy combination!) over a garlic butter sauce.

Thoughts: This Flatbread is perfect for those who want something light (with all that vegetables) or for vegetarians. Just like the Chicken Alfredo Flatbread, this veggie Flatbread also has that lovely garlic butter sauce - a perfect match with the spinach, mushrooms, mozzarella and feta cheese.

The Sides!

Besides the Flatbreads, we got to taste side items such as the Crazy Chicken Crunchies (Original and Tom Yam flavor), Garlic Cheese Onion Rings and Golden Roasted Drumlets.

Crazy Chicken Crunchies
Crazy Chicken Crunchies Original Flavor - was a little too plain for my liking but still nice nonetheless ^^
Crazy Chicken Crunchies
Crazy Chicken Crunchies Tom Yam Flavor - one of my favorites, a little spicy with a tinge of sour just like Tom Yam!
Garlic Cheese Onion Rings
Garlic Cheese Onion Rings - another one of my favorites. Garlic and cheese with onion rings? The perfect combo!
Golden Roasted Drumlets
Golden Roasted Drumlets - baked, moist and flavorful. ^^


There was also dessert (Caramel Sticky Dessert and Chocolate Lava Cake) which were served warm! I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I found the Caramel Sticky Dessert pleasantly less sweet than I expected it to be. It was nice and something I would try again when I am feeling like having something sweet. Surprisingly I found the Chocolate Lava Cake a little too sweet for my liking, but the other bloggers who were present simply loved it (one even bought it for take-away to bring home). So those who love their sweet desserts should definitely try out these sweet treats!

Caramel Sticky Dessert
Caramel Sticky Dessert
Chocolate Lava Cake
Chocolate Lava Cake Before
Chocolate Lava Cake
Chocolate Lava Cake After - Doesn't the eaten portion look like a heart ?
Domino's Pizza Flatbreads Taste Testing
Food, food, food!
Overall, it was an interesting and enriching experience (food and flavor wise). This encounter has made me want to try out the pizzas, Flatbreads and other menu items! Now for more details about the Flatbreads…

More Details about Domino’s Pizza Flatbreads

Domino’s Pizza Flatbreads are priced at S$11.80 (ala-carte) and come in one size (approximately over 6” in size). Although the Flatbreads come in one size, it is more than enough for an individual for lunch or dinner. However, if you want something more substantial or if you think one Flatbread might not be enough, in conjunction with the introduction of Flatbreads there is a promotion where you can get the Gourmet Meal 1 for only S$9.80 (for dine-in only): you can choose one Flatbread of your choice and the meal comes with a set of Garlic Cheese Onion Rings and a can of soft drink.

If you feel lazy and want to order instead, you have the option of Gourmet Meal 2. For S$25 you get two Flatbreads of your choice, one set of Crazy Chicken Crunchies (Original or Tom Yam flavor) and a portion of Twisty Bread. You can even go online to place your order or use Domnio’s Pizza iPhone App (a pity the App for Android is still in the works), where you can even order when you are out and about. An interesting feature of ordering online is being able to track your pizza: you can view the status of your order from the moment you order to the moment it leaves the store!

During the promotion period, there is also an Add-On offer that allows you to purchase the Flatbread for just S$7 (original S$11.80, so you save S4.80!). This Add-On offer is valid with a minimum Personal Pizza or Flatbread purchase. Do note there is a surcharge of S$2 for the Pesto Prawn Flatbread under the First Class pizza range.

In addition, a very attractive Gourmet Lunch Deal Meal will be available for the busy office crowd. For more details, do check out Domino’s Pizza website or Facebook.

P.S. *Surcharge of $2 applies for Pesto Prawn under the First Class pizza range

Domino’s Pizza
Telephone: 6222-6333

*Opinions in this post are completely my own, based on my experience & thoughts.*
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