JPot - Hotpot Singapore Style (Tampines 1): Back again for a feast this time!

Ok so not really a feast, but much more than the last time I was there - this time for dinner to celebrate M’s birthday. There were 3 of us and we had the set for 4 people for $98++. It was just an extra soup that I finished anyways. Do note that the set menu will always be more cost effective and fulfilling on the tummy than if you were to order the food ala-carte.

So we had 3 Tomyam based soups and one Bakkut Teh (pork rib soup) which had a strong peppery taste. One thing I like was that the soup base can be refiled and you can make your own ‘customized’ sauce with the many ingredients the restaurant has: chives, sliced leaks, soya sauce, chili oil, garlic oil, sesame sauce, chopped chilli, parsley, vinegar, fried and raw chopped garlic etc…Did I also mention that you get your own pot of soup? No more ‘lost’ food which goes into the hotpot but you can never seem to find them when it is a communal hotpot.

JPot - Hotpot Singapore Style (Tampines 1)
Individual hotpots
The set for four is quite satisfying, with prawns, scallops, squid, vegetables (green leafy vegetables, Enoki mushrooms and cabbage), choice of two meats (chicken/beef/pork) with a quail egg’s for you to crack it raw over the meat, fish noodles, choice of rice and/or noodles, and pork meatball. Just imagine the portion enough for 4 people. The prawns were really fresh and juicy!

JPot - Hotpot Singapore Style (Tampines 1)
The prawns, scallop, squid, meatball, fish, fish noodle and loads of vegetables!
Of course all the food shown are the raw versions, as we were too busy cooking and eating them to actually take a photo of the cooked versions. After the meal, we were too full and abandoned the idea of ordering dessert.

JPot - Hotpot Singapore Style (Tampines 1)
The 4 person set menu with the noodle, meat and so much more!
Enoki mushrooms
Enoki mushrooms! ^^
Service was not quite there but bearable, just be prepared to be putting in some effort trying to get the waiters/waitresses attention during the peak hours (e.g. dinner on a weekend). Otherwise service was ok, a container/box to contain bags for ladies was promptly provided with a cloth to cover up the bags, kept under the table to make it a more clutter-free dining experience. You make your order via the installed iPad that comes programmed with the menu and your selection gets sent to the kitchen via WiFi, which is convenient if not for the oddly angle-placed iPad on one side of the table only.

So far I have tried the Tomyam, Superior JPot broth and Bakkut Teh soup bases, and I have to say I like them all. The Tomyam for its sourness and just the right amount of spiciness, the Superior JPot for its clear, clean yet flavor-fulness, and the Bakkut Teh for its strong peppery taste (not for those who dislike pepper) which even have a rib or two thrown in. All very nice to warm you up on a cold rainy day! The High Tea Set is also something to look forward to if you are available in the afternoons. Just thinking about it again is making me hungry, especially now when the weather in Singapore is so grey, cold and rainy most days, though the other days are really hot and humid.

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