Prata Wala (Tampines Mall)

Serving up North and South Indian delights, Prata Wala is not your average coffee shop or food court stall that serves Indian delights such as roti prata (pancake), naan and biryani (a rice dish cooked with spices). Instead, Prata Wala is located in shopping malls with branches in almost all corners of Singapore:

Jurong Point
#01-71/72/73/74 JP2
T. +65 6795 2530

nex@Serangoon Central
T. +65 6634 2910

Tiong Bahru Plaza
T. +65 6270 0113

Tampines Mall
T. +65 6789 1237

We happened to pass by the branch at Tampines Mall one evening and well, the smell was just too tempting! It has been ages since I last ate roti prata. Compared with other similar stores, the roti  pratas are a little expensive (the plain ones are S$1.30 each and the egg S$2.00 each) but worth it: I had 2 plain pratas and 1 egg prata. The egg prata was huge and square-ish, while the plain prata was nice and crispy with a buttery fragrance. Both were served with fish curry, which complimented the pratas nicely (it wasn't fishy, was flavorful enough and not spicy). 

Egg Roti Prata
Egg Roti Prata
Egg Roti Prata
Egg Roti Prata with fish curry
Plain Roti Prata
Plain Roti Prata
Plain Roti Prata
Plain Roti Prata with fish curry
Fish Curry
Fish curry
If you are looking for something more exciting, in Singapore we eat our pratas in a variety of concoctions with cheese, onion, fruit, even chocolate and ice cream (or any other concoction you can think of)!

I also had a Chicken Tikka Wrap at S$7.90. It was served with fries sprinkled with some spices. Guess I was starving that day. ^^ The other items on the menu looked interesting, which makes it a greater motivation to visit this cool place again. 

Chicken Tikka Wrap with fries
Chicken Tikka Wrap with fries
Service was prompt and the staff was friendly, they even acceded our request for a refill of curry and to cut the Chicken Tikka Wrap into 3 pieces. As for the d├ęcor, the Prata Wala at Tampines Mall has an open concept where passers-by can see the prata being made and people eating the food (effective marketing).

Making roti prata

Ordering the food was a little like being at a fast-food outlet, you make you order at the counter and pay. Once your order has been taken and paid for, you are given a number (of the table I think). So armed with your number, you find a seat and wait for your food to be served to you or check out how your prata is being made.

Though you may be able to find cheaper priced (and maybe even better) Indian food elsewhere in Singapore, you need to remember you are paying for enjoying your meal in a shopping mall (air-conditioning and all that stuff), and for that I think that it is a reasonable price increase. Let’s be realistic: just as prices at a food court in a shopping more are more expensive than a hawker center, so are any eateries located in shopping malls or “upscale” locations; you pay for that convenience and “comfort” – nothing shocking about that really, just be prepared to part with a little more or go somewhere else. Indian food anyone?
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