Boat Asia 2012

Boat Asia

Boat Asia is Asia’s longest and largest running boat show, with a unique concept of integrating boating and lifestyle elements. The event offers networking opportunities for boating enthusiasts and businesses to showcase their products and services. It is also is packed with activities that will also cater to non-boating enthusiasts. 

Marina at Keppel Bay
This year’s Boat Asia event (which is its 20th) was held at Marina at Keppel Bay from 12-15 April 2012 (2-9pm). Admission tickets for adults cost S$20 (per pax) and it is free for children under 12 years of age. This year I had the opportunity to visit the boat show and it was an interesting experience.

There were over 50 yachts on display and guests had the opportunity to board, view and even take a short ride (sea trials) on it. There were yachts of various sizes and colors (not to mention prices), and stations which promoted water sports equipment and services (e.g. resorts etc…); a boat and/or water sports enthusiast's paradise. In addition to the activities, there were promotions such as car displays and test-drives, fashion shows, jazz performances, wine and whiskey tasting etc...

My friends and I boarded and viewed one of the yachts, and it was a surreal experience. The guide brought us around the yacht (above and below) and explained the facilities and functions. She mentioned that if that yacht was not sold by the end of the boat show, it could be catered out to sea for 6 hours costing S$4000, can accommodate 12 people with a driver and chef (and a meal) to boot. Did I mention the prices of the yachts on sale? There was one that was about half a million dollars and the cheapest was at least 5 digits. 

Overall, it was an interesting experience and worth to visit at least once (minus the rain and humid weather). For more photos on the boats, please visit the photo gallery.

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  1. I'd love to have a yacht, though I doubt that dream will ever come true. Even if I could buy it the mooring fees are so high in many countries. Still, I'd love to go to this boat show next year. Gotta keep the dream alive, right?

    1. Hi Pink, if you can afford the yacht the mooring fees shouldn't be a problem, but till than boat shows are just fine. :p Dreams are good.

  2. I've always found boat shows incredibly fun. For just a few bucks, you can see what it would be like to live "the good life". I wouldn't want to keep up with the maintenance of owning a boat or a yacht, but it is fun to look!