Beach Road Scissors-Cut Curry Rice

Scissors-Cut Curry Rice
Situated at the junction of Kitchener Road and Jalan Besar Road, lies Beach Road Scissors-Cut Curry Rice which serves up its version of Hainanese curry rice: rice dosed with (sticky and gooey) curry gravy. Why is it called scissors-cut curry rice? Well, that’s because they use a scissors to cut up the meat of your choice, served with other dishes (e.g. vegetables), place it on top of the rice and drizzle that unique curry gravy (made up of 3 sauces, one of which is dark soya sauce, I think).

Don’t bother reading future if you are not the adventurous sort. The final result is not that appealing visually (with its reddish and brownish hue), and the shop in which the stall resides is a little worn, and not well renovated (it might even be shabby by some standards). But it is worth a try if you are looking for something different (at least once).

The price of your curry rice depends on the number of dishes you choose to go with the rice. The prices of the dishes range from S$1.20 to S$0.70, so you can have an interesting and affordable meal in sunny Singapore.

To order, simply queue up, tell the guy (busy with scissors) what you want and they will cut up the dishes, place it on your plate of rice and drizzle it with their curry gravy. I had the bean sprouts, ikan billis and pork chop (or was it chicken chop I can’t remember). It was an interesting first-time experience. The meat was cut into little pieces (with the scissors) and the rice smoldered with lots of gravy, everything was mushy and mixed together. The ikan billis were too spicy for me (or maybe it was the cut red chillies that came with the bean sprouts), but the curry gravy was interesting with its slightly sweet and not really spicy taste.

Scissors-Cut Curry Rice
Curry rice anyone?
While it was an interesting experience, I wouldn’t say that it was a “wow” moment (at least not the kind where I would actually queue and wait for more than 20 minutes just to eat it). It wasn’t ordinary, but it wasn’t that extraordinary either, or perhaps it’s not really my kind of dish? Taste really is subjective after all.

Would you try this dish? 

Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice
229 Jalan Besar Road
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