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With LuttiSparrow & Co. coming over from France to Singapore for the holidays, it was decided that we should visit Universal Studios at Sentosa (USSR – Universal Studios Sentosa/Singapore Resort) on one of the days. Since they only come to visit once a year, I took this as an opportunity to visit the place as well. ^^

Though I am Singaporean, Sentosa never really interested me, it being a touristy attraction and expensive (main point). So unless it was free (which I did go for the very first time when it was a complimentary, but unfortunately the roller coaster ride was still not opened), or the occasion called for it would I go. Their visit to Singapore was a good opportunity to ‘motivate’ me. I guess playing host was something that made me anticipate something I would otherwise not do?

There are many ways to purchase your tickets – going there personally, making a phone call, email, or online. I decided to go with online, since it was the fastest and easiest way. So I went to the website and made the reservation. Fortunately for me there was a Mastercard promotion: 20% discount off One-Day tickets, which would be S$57.60. Yea~ Good for me (considering that one adult ticket costs S$72, it is a pretty good deal)! Included in that promotion was a S$10 retail voucher that was limited to the 1st 200 redemptions. But no matter how many tickets you purchase, you will get only one S$10 retail voucher.

Payment online was a painless, fast and (relatively) secure affair (e.g. an SMS with the pin needed for verification was sent). There were no problems like when the online system just went online and crashed on the first day of its launch due to the overwhelming response. It has come a long way from then: either there is no more as overwhelming response or perhaps the system improved. Once your credit card has been verified, an email will be sent with the confirmation slip and printable tickets. All you need to do is print out the tickets and remember to bring them with you to enter the theme park.

One thing to note, it might be best to go on a weekday to avoid the crowd and long waiting hours. We first went on a weekend and although we were there the whole day, we ended up waiting most of the day and only managed to get on 3 rides! The queue for the rides on that weekend was extremely long and the whole process slow, not to mention painfully hot! Of course, you could get the more expensive express pass, which lets you skip the main line and use an ‘express’ line. The only downside is that it can only be used once per ride. You decide if it’s worth that extra bit. We ended up going on another (week)day instead with a mission to sit all the rides to our hearts content! =)

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