Dehumidifier and Air Purifier on a budget: My 1st Shopee Buys

Both air purifiers and dehumidifiers minimize allergens in a room, making it easier to breathe, especially for those suffering from allergies and asthma, or you have fluffy pets who shed. Even if you have good breathing, it doesn't hurt to have one or both, particularly in hot and humid Singapore, and during the dusty (hazy months)

Though they may seem similar, there is a slight difference. Simply put... An air purifier circulates air through a filter which traps air-borne pollutants and irritants like dust, smoke and pollen, while a dehumidifier sucks in moisture and reduces the humidity levels in the air, killing mold and microbes that thrive in moisture. 

[Air Purifier vs. Dehumidifier]

Due to having a pet and having high humidity in my room, I finally decided to get both an air purifier and dehumidifier. So the below links and review is based on what I purchased and used.

There are so any types and brands of air purifiers and dehuidifers that I was a little lost for choice.  I initially wanted Xiaomi, but after some deliberation I decided to get both from Bestarsg in Shopee via RebateMango (because I would have a higher cashback since it was my first time purchasing from Shopee). Do note that in order to get the cashback from RebateMango (and Shopback) for Shopee, you would need to download the mobile apps. 😁

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I got this model for ($54.90) and so far for the past 2 months, the humidity in my room really has gone down. Delivery was really fast and correspondence with the seller was straight forward and easy too. 

So far, I like this device for what it does. In addition, it is small, lightweight and looks decent (enough). In a quiet room, its whirring fan noise is lightly audible but it's bearable it's just a slight buzzing sound).

The dehumidifier working its way to get the humidity

After a week, it collected a full thank of water, which needs to be thrown away. The device has an auto switch, so each time the water tank is full it will stop and indicate for you to change out the water.

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The proof is in the pudding, I mean humidity level. 😆

Air Purifier

I got the Gen 2 P5 LCD touch panel with PM 2.5 and Temperature Display for $89.90. It would be even cheaper durings sales and stacked up with vouchers, so keep a look out for them. Delivery was relatively fast and compared o the other brands, the price point was the main selling point for me. 

If you are into quality, the make of the purifier is a bit "cheap" looking as it is just a plastic casing. It has a timer for maximum 8 hours, and can be controlled by a remote control (provided). The default is the auto mode, which automatically detects and adjusts the fan speed accordingly.  

With the auto mode turned on, it will detect the slightest change in the air quality: a little spray of perfume or spray will activate the highest fan speed (there are 3). There are also  AQI (Air Quality Settings) which are poor, medium, good. After using it for about months, and it was time to change the filter. The color of the filter really changed. 

After about 2 months of usage, it can be said that it does what it should and does eliminate smells (doggy smells anyone 😂). p.s. It would be more cheaper during sales and it even comes with an extra filter, so that helps save a bit too. 

If you are interested in getting you own, click here. And if this is your first time purchasing from Shopee, use my referral code ICEPR224 to get $10 off your first purchase! Download the Shopee mobile app now and enjoy hot deals at the best prices! 

Alright, so in conclusion and the devices are not only cost effective but they also work as described; the perfect combination. Have you bought any dehumidifier or air purifier before, or what brands do you prefer instead? Do share in the comments below!
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