Nintendo Switch Lite: My 1st Digital Device Online Buy

Being stuck at home was not much of an issue since I am more of a homebody, but all those advertisements and friends raving about the Nintendo Switch made me more curious and finally I started researching. There was a peroid of time when demand was so high that demand could not meet the expectations that prices went to  times its original price. There were also quite a few online scams which resulted in many losing their money, all because they wanted a good deal and bought from non-reputable sources. 

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It's always good to get your products from reputable sources, and that's just what I did. The price for a Switch was simply too much, and since I don't require all that functionality and connectivity, I decided to go for the cheaper Switch Lite option. I narrowed it down to one shop - Qisahn, which seems pretty reputable and has been around from sometime.

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On average a Switch Lite will cost about $318-399, and Qisahn has a few platforms it sells on, and this is going to be a breakdown of which is the most cost effective.

From the onset, Qisahn's store seems to be the most cost effective platform to get Nintendo Switch Lite.

  1. Own Website - $299-399
  2. Shopee - $349
  3. Qoo10 - $318

We will also include the delivery and same item options to make the comparison. They are a Nintendo Switch Lite, screen protector and the Animal Cross New Horizons game card.
  1. Own Website -> $404.46
  2. Shopee -> $446.80 - $10 voucher = $436.80
  3. Qoo10 -> $434.4 - $50 voucher = $388.90

The Qisahn website charges an additional 3% surcharge if payment is by credit card, and delivery is $4, or $15 should you want same day delivery. The total price would be $404.46. Buying from the store itself will be good if you prefer paying by cash and going over to collect it yourself (no delivery).
Shopee has pretty reasonably priced items and sometimes you can even get a good deal, but this is not one of those buys you would want to buy from Shopee. The maximum for a voucher you can use is $10, so the lowest this can get is $436.80.

The total price from Qoo10 is similar to Shopee $434.40; it's even $3.40 cheaper than Shopee's orignal pricing. Whats more is the magic that makes Qoo10 cheaper for such a buy: you can use coupons which are more than $10 in value. I had a $50 coupon which I could use to offset the total to become $388.90.

So obviously I went with Qoo10 😆

Do note that this review is my experience shopping for the Nintendo Switch Lite from Qoo10, and not on all the products and shops that are available on Qoo10. When purchasing, please conduct your own research before making the payment. If you are interested in getting the same product as me do click on the link below!

[S$318.00](▼21%)[Nintendo]Nintendo Switch Lite Console // Local Singapore Agent Warranty

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