Korean BBQ Dinner at 새마을식당 충무로점

새마을식당 충무로점
새마을식당 충무로점

Initially C and I decided to grab some dinner after our AROMID Perfume Workshop at an interesting Italian restaurant nearby. It was the place we stopped to rest our feet and have some cake before the workshop started. However, plans change. We made a new friend from Taiwan, M, at the workshop and were soon on the topic of dinner.

M had been wanting to eat some Korean BBQ but as she was traveling solo and the portions for BBQ is too much for one person (you’d have to order at least 2 portions for each type of meat you want to eat), she was almost about to give up on the idea… till she met us. She soon had us convinced to have Korean BBQ for dinner instead. So we tried to find one that opened that late at night. It was around 9 pm and most of the eateries and restaurants were closed within the area where the workshop was held (near Anguk Station). After a few failed attempts, we headed to Chungmaro Station where M’s hostel was to try our luck.

Once we came out of the station, it didn’t take us long before we found a BBQ place that was still open and in we went. The interior was reminiscent to the setting that you see on Korean drama when they go and eat at a typical BBQ place.

새마을식당 충무로점
The menu

The ajusshi who attended to us was a comical and quite entertaining. 😂 He would photobomb us each time we attempted to take photos of the food and “attempted” to take away plates of meat he had just placed on the table when our chopsticks were about to approach them. But eventually he left the food alone and helped us with barbecuing the meat. The food was good (i.e. the meat was juicy and tender, and the stew a perfect match for the cold autumn night) and the company even better, C and M were in the mood that they even ordered beer!

Here's a sneak peak of the feast:

새마을식당 충무로점
The interesting dining experience
새마을식당 충무로점
Food waiting to be cooked
새마을식당 충무로점
Stew and banchan on the side
새마을식당 충무로점
The drinks!

Unexpectedly, the 2 bottles of beer were quite large and thankfully we only opened one bottle, because I had to help finish that one bottle and we could return the other unopened bottled. Mixing Coke with beer was much better than just drinking the beer alone (sorry not really much of an alcohol person). It was a dinner that not only warmed the stomach but the heart as we chatted away with our new friend, who we learned had come all the way to Seoul for a coffee convention and can do some mean latte art as well.

As M and I were exchanging Instagram handles, C (who’s not really into social media) was wondering what Instagram first and was quite interested in having one too… until she realized that she would have to create an account. With the many online accounts and whatnot she already had, C decided that she would just stick to Facebook, Email and Whatsapp. 😂

It was pretty late and almost close to midnight when we were done with our meal and headed back. But the newfound friendship did not end there; we managed to invite M to join us for our day trip to Paju, which turned out to be a really fruitfully eventful day trip out of Seoul!😄

25-10 Chungmuro 3(sam)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea 


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