Night out exploring Shibuya and ramen for dinner (Tokyo)

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A corner of the Shibuya Crossing

After placing the luggage in the AirBnB apartment, we made a speedy getaway to explore Shibuya. First things first, we wanted to orientate ourselves and check out the location where the Limousine Bus would be departing from (just so to make our journey back not so hectic).

One of the nearest and easier to navigate location was the Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu, which was like a 10 minutes walk from the apartment.
The crowd at Shibuya at night on a weekday

It was not that hard to find the pickup point, that is... once you get past the massive crowd. It was a labyrinth of people and quite an experience too. We even managed to check out the Tokyu Hands Store that was nearby.

After all that exploring and walking, we spotted a little cozy ramen place on our way back to our AirBnB accommodation and decided to have our dinner there.

The order vending machine was outside and there were plenty of options ranging from 890¥ to 1,000¥!
I had the salt based broth ramen fried chicken and char siew ramen
M had the spicy ramen in a rich broth char siew

Dinner was thoroughly satisfying: the ramen had a nice chew to it, the soups were fresh and flavorful without too much artificial seasonings (or maybe I am just biased 😋😛) and the portion was just nice at that price point. The ramen just tastes different in Japan.

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