Our (failed) attempt at doing 2 Imperial Tours in a day (Kyoto)

Kyoto Imperial Palace

Being ambitious, we wanted to see and do all we could. So, we booked the (free) tours online for both the Kyoto Imperial Palace (in the morning) and Sentō Imperial Palace (in the afternoon). However, despite our enthusiasm we woke up a little late.

When we arrived, we thought that we would be able to make it for the tour. Alas the walk in towards the palace was no walk in the park: having to walk on a pathway filled with soft gravel does not help speed up your walk. By the time we arrived at the entrance, we were about 15 minutes late so we decided to give the Kyoto Imperial Palace Tour a miss.

Kyoto Imperial Palace
Bicycle path on the grounds of the Imperial Palace, Kyoto, perfect for riding but not so perfect for brisk walking.
Sentō Imperial Palace
It was a relatively quiet morning.
Kyoto Imperial Palace
We managed to find a cooler area to walk, but the pathway was still paved with gravel.
Kyoto Imperial Palace
By the time we managed to walk to the entrance, we were already late!

Given that the weather was warm and the sun brightly shining, we sought refuge and refueled at a rest area not far from the entrance. It was a quiet morning with not many people, so while we rested our tired feet and refueled (on coffee and ice-cream), we decided what should we do with the 2 hours or so we hand on our hands. 

Kyoto Imperial Palace
The rest area selling simple snacks and food, as well as souvenirs.

The consensus? Head out to see where we could have some brunch before the next tour started in the afternoon at 1:30pm. Thankfully the rest area was near another entrance, sparing our aching feet. Since most shops start opening at around 11am, there really wasn't much to see. The weather was not ideal for walking either - it was warm minus the humidity. 

After walking on for about 20 minutes or so, we came across Hanagoyomi, a Japanese restaurant located within the Kyoto Garden Palace Hotel, on the west side of the Kyoto Imperial Palace. In addition to the tempting menu display, our tired feet and blazing sun literally propelled us right into the restaurant! [Read all about our Hanagoyomi dining experience here]

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