Review of Burdock (Root) Tea and All that diet: Wild Mango 1000

In my plans to lose weight, besides taking up (weekly) Zumba I’ve also started to take burdock tea and wild mango. Previously I took the Lemon Detox for about a month (5 weeks) and lost about 3kg [Read more about the experience here]. After finishing the Lemon Detox, I decided to try the All that diet: Wild Mango 1000 and burdock tea concurrently.

Burdock (Root) Tea

Apparently burdock tea has is an effective remedy for acne, eczema, and psoriasis, not to mention a reputed remedy for hair loss (should have discovered this earlier instead of wasting my money on Beijing 101!). Burdock root contains powerful antioxidants, such as phenolic acids, quercetin which help protect your body from free radicals (unstable molecules that damage healthy cells). 

Another benefit of drinking burdock (root) tea is that it also aids in weight loss. So if you are looking to lose weight more naturally without detrimental side effects, burdock (root) tea is a good alternative. Burdock contains a compound known as insulin, which has been shown (so they say) to be able to increase the body’s metabolism which in turn burns fats faster. 

The instructions to boil the tea were clear and relatively simple. Though the recommended amounts of 3 tablespoons of burdock root in about a liter of water, it is too much (in my opinion). After the first boil, I reduced the amount to 1 and a half tablespoons and it worked just fine (makes the tea last longer too). 

One box of tea lasted about a week or so (when drunk everyday). The tea came in a re-sealable package so it helps keep the burdock root fresh and makes it convenient to scoop out. Of course, it would have been (much) easier if the tea came in pre-packaged bags (like your typical tea bag) rather than having to scoop out the amount that you want. Thank goodness for Daiso’s tea bags (one of the happiest buys ever!).

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The tea has a pretty strong taste that somewhat resembles ginseng (and a tinge of wintermelon tea) so if you if you cannot tolerate the smell/taste, you can try using 1 tablespoon in1 liter of water and soak it in for about 5 minutes instead of 10-15 minutes. After a while, you should get over the taste. The recommended dosage is to drink about 200 ml after each meal, but I just drank it throughout the day (both before and after food). 

All that diet: Wild Mango 1000

Besides the burdock root tea, I also started drinking the All that diet: Wild Mango 1000 sachets in the mornings. Since it is more convenient to drink in the mornings as there is no need to boil water (just mix it into 200-300ml of water), it does help to save some time and acts as a pretty good replacement since I don’t usually eat breakfast (on weekdays).

The taste is not as refreshing (and nice) as the Lemon Detox, but I suppose that it does what it should and helps keep you full for some period of time with the supposed vitamins etc... Besides the taste, I noticed that the contents of the sachet do not dissolve in water as well as the Lemon Detox. I guess it really does contain more fiber?
Do note that this review is my experience shopping for the Burdock Tea from Qoo10, and not on all the products and shops that are available on Qoo10. When purchasing, please conduct your own research before making the payment. If you are interested in getting the same product as me do click on the link below! 

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Overall Results

Since I took both the tea and wild mango concurrently, I have decided to give an overall view of having taken both products at the same time.

Note: The burdock root tea had a slight laxative effect for the first 2 days, but after that it was as per normal; nothing out of the ordinary. I did notice also that I stayed fuller longer.

Week 1: Lost 1kg
Week 2: Lost 1kg
Week 3: Lost 0.5kg
Week 4: Lost 1kg
Week 5: Lost 0.5kg

Total: 4kg

If any of you have tried this, do let me know whether it has worked for you or not. I am curious to know!
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  1. Hi, did you change your diet in anyway when you were taking the tea and mango seed?

    1. Hi! No I did not change my diet in anyway but I did exercise once a week hourly through Zumba classes. After drinking the tea and mango it did slightly alter the appetite (fuller longer).