New Year’s Eve Dinner at The Line @ Shangri-La... into 2016 we go!

The Line @ Shangri-La
Setting the mood to get into the new year

As with a budding tradition, we ushered in 2016 with food, buffet style of course. And this time we decided to try out the spread at The Line, located within the Shangri La Hotel. I have to say this first, it has to be one of the most expensive buffets so far (S$268!) and even if there was free flow champagne, I’m not too sure about the value for money. It’s as if to attest to the price, the restaurant was not even full house. Service was standard: plates were cleared fast and cups filled up on queue (be it water or champagne).

The Line @ Shangri-La
Still in the Christmas mood
The Line @ Shangri-La
The Line was tinged in orange warm lights and pretty comfortable seating

Service and food quality aside, reservation and (especially) payment were a little icky (Marriot did a much better job). You would think for such a premium price, there would be little issues (other than the wallet pain that is). Well, after reserving our table and being informed that the payment had already been charged to the card twice) before the appointed date, we were literally stopped at the entrance when we were ready to leave after our meal. Turns out that payment had yet to be made and it looked like we were about to abscond with a ‘free’ meal. Why we weren’t informed of this before we were seated and started eating is bewilderment, and the after-thought of them having us under ‘surveillance’ while we were nonchalantly eating out food just dampens the experience.

Ok, enough about the ranting and onto the good stuff… the food. The Line basically serves up an international cuisine (as with almost every other buffet in town) and has about 16 or so stations serving up a range of yummies: Japanese (Sushi, Sashimi etc…), Chinese (dim sum), Indian (curries), Italian (pizzas, pastas etc...), Seafood (oysters, crab legs, prawns etc…), Bread, Salads, Cold Cuts, Cheeses, Meats (Ham, Beef, Salmon etc..) Desserts (there’s even a chocolate fountain!), and local delights (chicken rice, laksa, roast pork etc…).

There was also quite a variety of breads and cheese,  while the meat was freshly cut up in front of you and the salad as green as it could be.
I'll have to say that the Japanese station and the onion rings (I know they are not related) were one of my favorites that night
And how could we forget the ham, foie gras and other yummy nibbles
One of my other favorites of the night: the seafood station. The freshly shucked oysters were yummily fresh and delicious and we had quite a few of those together with the crab legs and prawns.
Last but not least, the desserts to satisfy the sweet tooth
There were even fruits for something more healthy
But what topped off the whole experience was the chocolate fountain!!
The Line @ Shangri-La
There was even a tea station where your tea was brewed for you by a barista. There were some pretty interesting flavors

 Overall, a pretty satisfying dinner and start to the new year, sans the payment experience. :)

The Line @ Shangri-La
Round 1, 2, 3 and 4.. was there a 5? I can't remember because it was too food inducing.

The Line

22 Orange Grove Rd, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, Singapore 258350

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