Travel Thoughts: Our impromptu home-dinner in Seoul

It was the last night in Seoul and it was too late to go out to buy food. We actually planned to eat some fried chicken for dinner, but the Korean Fried Chicken place below the apartment that we stayed closed early on Saturdays and did not open on Sundays (oh the horror!). So there went our dream of eating chicken for either dinner or breakfast.

Thankfully the convenience shop nearby (and always within the complex) was still opened, so we made our way there and bought a variety of yummilicous looking gimbap (rice rolls). In the end, our dinner consisted of yummy gimbap and cups of instant noodles that was provided by the host of our apartment (very thoughtful and handy!). 

Our impromptu home-dinner in Seoul
Gimbap and cup noodles

It was actually the first meal we ate inside the apartment, so of sorts it could be considered to be a homey meal. With the TV turned on and us trying to understand the drama without any English subtitles while eating our impromptu dinner, it was just like we were home. We ended up chatting till the early morning and it was a wonder we could still wake up on time (or even had time to sleep for that matter!) to catch the bus to the airport.

Our impromptu home-dinner in Seoul
Out tangerines from Jeju, courtesy of Jejueco Suites
Our impromptu home-dinner in Seoul
Bottles of water (we hardly boiled any water unless it was for cup noodles, coffee or tea.

Being in the warm cozy (heated) apartment while the weather outside was below 10 degrees was a surreal but comfortable feeling. Overall, it was an enjoyably fun trip with wacky people and interesting experiences. It was a trip of many firsts: first time going with a bigger group of people, first time planning some of the itinerary and coordinating so that we all could meet up and travel for most days together since our arrival was at least 2 days apart, first time going to the fish market and eating the yummy raw fish, first time visiting in autumn and seeing the pretty autumn foliage, first time going to Jeju, and finally got to visit Everland (but still did not manage to explore the whole place). 

Just reminiscing about it now makes me want to go back again and eat and shop and walk (ok not so much the walking, but I think you get the idea haha)!

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