Lemon Detox Diet Review - Does it really work?

While browsing through Qoo10.sg (seems that it is becoming my favorite place to shop online nowadays), I came across this detox drink which was on promo (going at around $14).

A little goggling and I learnt that this lemon detox apparently has been around for many years and people use it to the extreme, they actually stop food intake and just drink this stuff (whether handmade or packaged) for about 3-10 days together with a horrible salt flush solution for a laxative effect. However, the instructions online were not that intensive and were pretty reasonable. All you had to do was to just take it either in the morning once or twice a day for an ‘intensive’ effect, but food intake still resumes (not so torturous and extreme). Maybe the way the Koreans use it differ from the Americans?

Then, there was another option, the burdock tea, but since I wanted something more convenient (skipping the part where you have to boil water) I decided to buy the lemonade detox instead. The shop was having a promotion where if you bought 4 boxes they would send over an extra box along with a measuring tape.

I ordered 4 boxes, and since was on promotion I received an extra box. Delivery was fast and the package was received within 2 days.


Each box has 7 sticks (one for each day). Just mix the contents of the stick with about 200-300ml of water and drink it in the morning before food. Since I hardly eat breakfast, this was a pretty good perk-me up in the mornings. It is not a replacement for food and it does not curb hunger, in fact I think it encourages your stomach to be hungry instead but it does increase your metabolism. So for those who went with the salt flush and replaced their meals with just this detox, only to have it not work or weight bounced after, I am not surprised. There doesn’t seem to be much information about this online, but still I decided to give it a try; only drinking this in the morning. And here are the results...

  • Week 1: Lost 1.5kg at the end of the first week 
  • Week 2: Lost another 0.5 kg
  • Week 3 -5: Managed to lose around 0.5kg each week

So in total, I lost about 3.5 kg over the course of 5 weeks (about a month) which averages 0.7 kg per week lol

Verdict: So does it work? For me, I can say that it worked quite well. The reason I say this is because I actually started taking weekly hour long Zumba classes and there was no weight changes after the 1 month. It was only in the 2nd month into Zumba (and taking this detox) that weight was lost gradually and not at a ridiculously fast pace, and since food intake was as per normal nothing much changed, weight loss did not bounce back (drastically). I did not really adhere to drinking it at 8am every morning, but drank it first thing in the morning when I woke up. Bowel movement was regular and not of the diarrhea variety; it was normal.  The first week there was a lot of air coming out of me... literally haha
Note: I hardly snack between meals, usually don’t have breakfasts (unless it’s the weekend or when I am on holiday and the hotel has a breakfast buffet waiting for me lol).
If any of you have tried this, do let me know whether it has worked for you or not. I am curious to know!
Do note that this review is my experience shopping for the Leon Detox Diet from Qoo10, and not on all the products and shops that are available on Qoo10. When purchasing, please conduct your own research before making the payment. If you are interested in getting the same product as me do click on the link below! 

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