AirBnB: KIM'S STUDIO (Hongdae) First Impressions

Even though we arrived in Seoul at night, the directions to KIM'S STUDIO (Hongdae) were clear and straightforward, making it easy to find even at night. The moment we arrived at Hongik University Station, we made our way to KIM'S STUDIO (Hongdae) as per directions. It was a cold autumn's night, but thankfully to KIM'S STUDIO (Hongdae) was less than 5 minutes away. In fact, the apartment was located just right the corner out of the subway station exit 3. There is even a Comma Cafe and mini-mart within the same building as well.

Although the apartment was not very big, it was acceptably clean and comfortable enough for 2 persons with a big comfy queen-size bed, kitchenette (with utensils provided) and bathroom (with amenities). 

KIM'S STUDIO (Hongdae)
Simple yet cost decor and dressing table
KIM'S STUDIO (Hongdae)
Some minor wear and tear showing
KIM'S STUDIO (Hongdae)
View from the room.

As mentioned by some reviews (on AirBnB), the apartment was starting to show some wear and tear, but it was still acceptable. The apartment’s décor was done in a tasteful manner (e.g. homey and minimalist) and the toilet (water pressure/heater) was working fine.

Note: Do note that the KIM'S STUDIO (Hongdae) charges a minimum of 2 persons. So even if you are a single traveler, you would be paying the price of 2, should you choose to book this place. You will only get the extra mattress if you have more than 2 people (it’s a cost thing) staying. 

Besides the queen-sized bed, there was even room for a dressing table, sofa, closet and island-style kitchen table that separated the sleeping area from the kitchen. The only thing that the apartment lacked was a television, but being in Hongdae itself, there was already plenty to do during our relatively short stay (2 nights).

KIM'S STUDIO (Hongdae)
The sleeping area: it's good to note that the pillows were a tad too low and the aircon is overhead.
The bathroom was clean and compact, equipped with soap, shampoo and towel. A hair dryer and hair straightener were also provided. And despite its compactness, there was still space for maneuvering and hanging towels and clothes. However, those with a bigger build might find it to be tad of a squeeze. Water pressure was good and the heater worked fined.

AirBnB: KIM'S STUDIO (Hongdae)
The kitchenette located next to the bed was equipped with a stove, sink, utensils, washing detergent, microwave and washing machine; everything you need to whip up your own meal or a bowl/cup of instant noodles. There is a grocery shop just right below the apartment where you can get all the other necessities (e.g. water, fruits, snacks etc...) you need; even a café (Comma Café) located within the building (at the ground floor and near the subway entrance) should you feel lazy to make a brew of your own.

KIM'S STUDIO (Hongdae)
The kitchenette
KIM'S STUDIO (Hongdae)
Breakfast for the first morning. Bought from the mini-mart below

In addition to all of the above, with Wi-Fi, a refrigerator, air conditioning / heating system, and washing machine, along with a (optional and complimentary) portable Wi-Fi egg (come in very handy), our stay experience was as complete as could be (sans the TV).

Recommended: For those who want to be in near the heart of Hongdae (it’s all within walk-able distance), and want to be protected from the elements as much as they can (when it gets too chilly, rainy or hot) since it is not only near the Hongik University Subway/AREX station, but also sheltered (between station and apartment). From Hongik University subway station, it is also relatively easy to get around to the other parts of Seoul (palaces etc…) and a walk away from the attractions of Hongdae.

Not Recommended:
For those who want a quiet peaceful location, it is Hongdae after all, where the night is still young and the entire neighborhood bursting with energy. Also not recommended for those who might find it boring without a TV, or have too high an expectation of the accommodation (it is a simple, quaint little apartment after all).

Do note that this review is only that of KIM'S STUDIO (Hongdae) in Seoul using AirBnB, and not on all properties and hosts that are available on AirBnB. When booking other properties on AirBnB, please conduct your own research before booking anything. If you are interested in joining AirBnB and want a discount off your first stay, sign up here!

First Impression for KIM'S STUDIO (Hongdae)


Verdict: 3.5/5
Sue (the host) was even so kind help us hold our luggage till 12pm (usual check out time is 1030am) because of our flight to Jeju was in the afternoon. She was a commendable host and we thoroughly enjoyed our time at KIM'S STUDIO (Hongdae). 

The description on AirBnB for KIM'S STUDIO (Hongdae) is accurate (as it can be) and directions to get to there are clear. If you want to see more apartment photos and/or what else is nearby, do check out her AirBnB listing. The apartment is located near the Hongik University Station and within a short walk-able distance to the vibrant Hongdae neighborhood with plenty to see and do (especially at night). As long as the apartment is maintained (or even upgraded a little), it makes for a (more) comfortable stay with a great location (especially if you want to explore the Hongdae area and/or travel to Incheon/Gimpo Airport). For our stay of 2 nights, it cost each us about S$58 per night.

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