Hongdae Trickeye Museum + Ice Museum

After a ‘hearty’ breakfast of instant noodles (lol), the first adventure of the day began with a trip to the Trickeye Museum (which included the Ice Museum as well) in Hongdae. As DramaQueen and her friend, MX, were staying nearby at Seoul Mansion, we met up at exit 3 and made our way to the museum. 

With the cool autumn breeze, it was a pleasant 15 minutes (or so) walk from exit 3 to exit 9 all the way to the museum. The museum is located at the basement of a building which also happens to house the Love Museum (let your imagination go wild! haha). Before the entrance of the Trickeye Museum there is a souvenir shop, a bubble tea shop and an area to rest those tired feet.

Hongdae Trickeye Museum
Hongdae Trickeye Museum

Anyways, thanks to a discount voucher from the Trickeye Museum website, we got to save 3,000 won and paid 12,000 won instead of the original price of 15,000 won. The admission ticket came with complimentary admission to the Ice Museum and a discount voucher off bubble tea.

Hongdae Trickeye Museum
The adventure begins!

Having been to the Alive Museum in Singapore, we knew what to expect. So once we entered the Trickeye Museum, it was a whole morning of funny poses and laughter. It might have been a weekend and there were quite a few people, but it was not overcrowded - there was still ample of space (and time) to pose and take fun poses with the art pieces that caught our fancy.

Hongdae Trickeye Museum
Wanna be a piano genius or something more mystical?
Hongdae Trickeye Museum
Merry-go-round anyone?

Once we were done with our posing, we made our way to the Ice Museum. It was not very big but it was an ice wonderland. With the temperature being less than 0 degrees, it was extremely cold but an amazing experience to see sculptures carved out of ice, even a mini kitchen and bedroom made out entirely out of ice!

Ice Museum
Ice Museum

As the ice museum was extremely cold (-3 degrees!), M lasted less than 10 minutes, while I tried to stay as long as I could. The winners of staying the longest in such a cold room would have to be DramaQueen and MX; engrossed with photo taking and posing, even the cold could not prevent them from getting that perfect pose! As they were happily posing and taking photos in the icy wonderland, both M and I were happily defrosting.

By the time DramaQueen and MX came out, we were already defrosted but we had to wait a while for them to defrost as well (lol). By the time we were all defrosted; our rumbling tummies propelled us to a nearby eatery for lunch.

How to get there:

Hongdae Trickeye Museum
Hongik University Subway Station Exit 9 than a 10-15 minute walk to the museum.

Hongdae Trickeye Museum + Ice Museum
Address: 357-1, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul Seogyo Plaza B2
                서울특별시 마포구 홍익로3길 20 (서교동)
Operating Hours: 0900-2100 (Last admission: 2000)

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