Travel Tips: EG (EverGreen) SIM Card and getting it at Changi Airport

There are many options for getting your SIM card fix when you are in South Korea. This post will just be on the EG SIM card, which is pretty tourist/traveler friendly and apparently one of the more affordable SIM cards available. There are promotions and events from time to time that either give away free SIM cards or extra credit, so do check out the website to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings and you might just be able to snag a complimentary SIM card. When I went to Seoul last year that is exactly what happened, I managed to apply (for a giveaway event) and get a complimentary SIM card that came with a 5,000 won (or was it 10,000 won? I cannot remember). The card was collected at the KBook Store at Exit 7 of the Arrival Terminal at Incheon Airport.

Since last year, there have been many changes to the EG SIM website. Now you can not only register an account online (to update, purchase all things related to your SIM card), you can also purchase the SIM card online (with the option for delivery to your home country address, your South Korean accommodation address or self-collection at the designated places) and offline as well. [Buy Online]

Getting your SIM card online and getting it delivered to you is all fine and dandy, provided that you want to fork out that little extra for delivery fees. Of course, you can also choose delivery to your Korean address, but there might be a chance for lost mail and miscommunication, particularly if plans and accommodation are not firm. Then there is the other option of self-collecting your ordered (online) SIM card when you arrive (to save a little money), but most of the places are only opened till 10pm while the others which are opened 24 hours might be a little out of the way.

So what happens when you arrive on a late flight and places that you can purchase offline/self-collect in South Korea either close by 10pm or might not be convenient (on the way) at all? 

Option 1: Wait till the next morning and head out to the nearest (convenient) location get your SIM card. [Locations] 

Option 2: Travel a bit more to those places that are open 24 hours to get your SIM card upon your arrival [Offline Purchase | Self-Collection]

Option 3: If you reside in Canada, Hong Kong, or Singapore you are now able to purchase the SIM card before you leave for your trip! How cool is that?! Needless to say option 3 has got to be my favorite option for this trip. The SIM card is available at Singapore Changi Airport Changi Recommends Counter, Terminal 2, Departure Hall, Row 10 (Tel:+65-6764-6323). It costs S$38 and has 30 minutes worth of talktime and 500mb worth of data for a normal SIM, and S$47 for a nano SIM (for iPhones).

EG (EverGreen) SIM Card

Needless to day, I went with option 3 this time round. Getting the EG SIM card at Changi Airport was simple and it even came with an 'empty' T-Money Pass! Apparently if no talktime is used, data is worth 1GB, and the number is only valid for 15 days.

EG (EverGreen) SIM Card
The normal SIM card costs S$38 while those for iPhones cost S$47
Verdict: 3.5/5 

While the card worked and reception was clear when making phone calls, activation was not as straightforward and simple as stated. It took one more attempt at registration, many phone restarts, and a day later before reception was successfully detected. And it might have been my android phone not being WCDMA compatible so 3G was as good as nil.

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  1. Hi, could I check if it is possible to activate the sim card in Singapore before flying to Korea? Thank you!

    1. Hello! :) unfortunately you'd have to be on the Korea network in order to register/activate it (if I remember correctly). If you just want data and are traveling in a group, you may want to consider the pocket wifi instead.

  2. Hi @-@
    You can check it at Incheon airport in Korea
    KT (Korea Telecom) provides unlimited data plan and pocket wifi so on
    more details...