From Singapore to Seoul: Ways to Maximize Your Cash When You DIY (Vouchers and Tax Refund)

Print ‘em Discount Vouchers!

Things in South Korea might not be the cheapest, but fret not there are duty free shops and discount coupons that tourists can use: from food to facial products all the way to admission fees and performances, even offers on SIM card and mobile phone rentals, with discounts ranging from 5-25%. The things that are discounted vary from year to year.

So don’t forget to head over to Visit Korea Committee and The Korean Tourism Board for updated coupons you can print out and enjoy during your trip!

Tax Refund

Who said it doesn’t pay to shop? If you spend 30,000 won or more in a receipt, you will be entitled to a reimbursement of the VAT tax. Participating stores are designated by the "Global Blue Tax Free" or "Global Tax Free" logo. So be sure to keep your VAT refund receipt when purchasing items. For more information about the tax refund process, read this.

Tip: When you are at the airport, remember to show the purchased goods to the customs officer and get the "All Goods Exported" endorsement on the refund receipt FIRST, before checking in your luggage.

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