Travel Tip: Getting to Jeju on Korean Domestic Airlines

If you are planning to head to Jeju island from Seoul and wondering how to get there, then continue reading on. Jeju (island) is an island which volcanic properties have resulted in some amazing natural formations such as Cheonjeyeon Waterfall and Manjang Cave (aka Manjanggul Lava Tube). It is south of (South) Korea that is often referred to as "the Hawaii of Korea" due to its semi-tropical climate with palm trees and the ocean surrounding it. And if you haven’t been watching much Korean dramas/variety shows, Jeju island is also one of the most popular (and somewhat wallet friendly) honeymoon location for South Koreans.

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While you can fly directly into Jeju on international flights such as China Eastern Airlines, Dragonair and TransAsia, there are also domestic flights which you can take (gives you the flexibility should you want to book flight tickets to Jeju on a spur when you are in South Korea). There are currently no direct flights from Singapore to Jeju, so domestic flights are a good option.

Domestic flights to Jeju are available daily at hourly intervals (there is a flight in and out of Jeju almost every hour or so). Depending on the dates (peak season), timing (last minute booking) and destination (e.g. Seoul or Busan etc…), the average price per person on a domestic flight is around 150,000 to 170,000 won (that’s about S$185 to S$210).

Getting to Gimpo Airport (Seoul)

Gimpo Airport is connected domestically and internationally, while Incheon Airport only serves international routes. If you are heading to Gimpo Airport from Incheon Airport or downtown Seoul, the most efficient way to get to Gimpo Airport (and beat the traffic) is to take the AREX.

Domestic Airlines

There are at least 6 domestic airlines that fly to Jeju on a daily basis. Remember to look out for special offers or promotions, which will save you a lot (up to 50% or more). Do note that such good offers or promotions are snapped up fast, so you have to be fast with your booking and be early (the nearer you are to your intended travel date, the lesser the chance of getting it at the price you want and there might even be no availability if it is during peak season).

For domestic flights, the baggage allowance for checked-in luggage is 15kg and 10kg for hand-carries. 
Note: Before booking online, some of the airlines require to register as a member first, especially if you want to take advantage of the special fares.

1. Air Busan - A subsidiary of Asiana Airlines


2. Eastarjet - A budget airline with budget friendly prices.

3. Jeju Air - Being of the budget airline variety, Jeju Air offers cheap airfare, but booking online via the website might be a pain, as payment with an overseas credit card doesn’t always work. But that is not an issue as the issue can be resolved by email or phone call. English language is available.


4. T'way Airline - Another budget airline. English language is available.


5. Jin Air - A subsidiary of Korean Air. English language is available.


6. Korean Air - With an average of 20 or so daily flights fly in and out from Seoul to Jeju Island,  you would definitely be able to a preferred departure time. The website is available in English, so that helps with the booking. Since this is a full-service airline with all the frills, the only disadvantage of this airline is that the price is not really budget-friendly for those on shoe-string budget.


7. Asiana Airlines - As with its Korean Air counterpart, is a full-service airline with all the frills, so prices for the airfare might not too budget friendly (sometimes costing almost double the average airfare on other airlines). However, there might be promotions and offers you can look out for.


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So there you have it, the lowdown of getting yourself to Jeju island from South Korea. Happy planning!
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