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It was a fun and memorable birthday celebration for me. After settling at Rendezvous Hotel, iceprinxess and I decided to go for some activity after dinner at Plaza Singapura. Therefore, the ideal place was either the movie theatre or KTV studios. I had done some research on the internet and knows that Teo Heng KTV is located at Rendezvous Hotel. At the hotel room, I called the KTV studio to asked about the pricing rate and to see if we could book a room. Otherwise, alternatively we could go for a movie at Plaza Singapura. Surprisingly, there was a lot of sound distraction at the other line. I could not hear what the staff is saying.

We decided to check it out at the place before we head for dinner. Indeed, Teo Heng KTV Studio is located at level 2, Rendezvous Hotel Gallery. The signboard was easily spotted at the hotel lobby. Although the exterior looked plain, it looks like a family budget KTV studio. We find the place comfortable and have a short discussion. In the end, we decided to go for KTV since it is more economical than watching a movie during weekends. We make our decision fast, considering how fast the bookings went and there were an ongoing crowds coming in to book their time slot.

Since it is peak hours on a weekend basis, we paid $36 for a room cater for a maximum of four. It would be even cheaper during weekdays with a group of friends. Simply check their website for the various outlets in different parts of Singapore and make your booking by phone. The Teo Heng staff suggested 11-1am and we accepted their offer. Interestingly, they manually used a marker to note down our timing at the whiteboard which was placed behind them. We paid on the spot to guarantee a room and they took down my phone number on that particular time slot room number. 

It was considered a good bargain if you can gather four friends and spilt the cost among yourselves. After calculating, it will cost $9 per person for 2 hours of singing session. It will be cheaper if you drop by during weekdays at the KTV outlets which you can check at their website. However, you would need to prepare your own snacks and drinks. Not to worry, you can still buy some drinks and tidbits for $1-2 each depending on the items you intend to purchase at the entrance. They do not store a wide range of tidbits at the low shelf and they only have some soft drinks in a small refrigerator.

With our booking confirmed, iceprinxess and I went for our dinner merrily. After dinner, we even have time to do some shopping at the basement supermarket. Since we can invite two more people for the mini party, I decided to call my sister and her boyfriend to join in the fun. We brought some drinks and snacks for the KTV session before heading back to the hotel room for some rest. Soon, my sister and her boyfriend reached the hotel and we still have some spare time to rest our feets and prepare ourselves before we head down to the KTV. 

It was merely a 5 minutes walk from the hotel and we reached there 10 minutes before 11pm. My sister and her boyfriend decided to buy some plastic cups across the street at the 7-eleven store to pour our drinks. Please note that there is a sign at the entrance that discourage customers from bringing strong alcoholic drinks to the KTV room. On the other hand, iceprinxess forgot to bring her jacket and she decided to head back to the hotel room to grab her jacket. 

In the end, I was the only one standing at the counter to wait. There were only two people attending at the counter while the crowds at this time keep streaming in, with some of them just like us had earlier booked a room. There were still some walk-in customers to book a room, however priority were reserved for those who booked the room earlier. Eventually, this group of people have to wait while the staffs check for vacancies in the rooms at the desk. 

There were obviously a lack of staffs as I observed the two staffs at the desk checking the rooms while a staff was in charge of clearing the rooms. I begin to feel impatient and anxious when the clock strike 11pm and they still did not allocate a room for me. It would be alright if we have more time to sing but we were only singing for two hours and the KTV close at 1am. In fact, there were many people coming in during this time and the staffs were busy serving these customers. 

In terms of service wise, there were some room for improvement. In my opinion, there seems to be some confusion in allocating the rooms and it does not seems like they have a proper 'order' or 'procedure' in allocating the rooms to the customers as soon as possible. I understand there were only a few rooms and the staff need to clear the rooms and usher the customers out as fast as they could. The staff at the counter asked me to wait while they clear the room. 

However, I did not feel assured since the staffs seem to neglect my presence soon after when they handle the other customers. I have to ask them twice before they reply me. It was good that the staffs were at least polite and apologetic for the delay, however i felt that arrangement should be done at a faster speed.

The next moment. I was told to walk into the corner KTV room by the counter staff. They apparently just cleared the things in that room and sprayed some air freshener before I step in. I do not have high expectation for the sound system but I can hear the people at the room beside us singing very loudly. Anyway, I think that the room is clean and I like the long leathered couch which look quite comfortable. They have a simple interior design concept and there were a few musical instruments such as maracas and trampolines placed at the long couch. 

Unlike K-box or some other KTV outlets, they did not provide services such as ordering of snacks and drinks. You just take whatever items you want to purchase near the entrance and pay the cash at the counter. Nobody explain how to use the KTV equipment in the dim light KTV room. It was all up to us to explore and the staffs were busy with their own duties. Fortunately, the equipment was easy to use and I quickly mastered how to operate the system. 

If you frequently visit KTV, you would find this system easy to handle. A few tips for people who seldom go KTV, simply slide through the pages of the screen to look for your favorite singers and select the songs which you want to sing. Remember to adjust the microphone and music volume by tuning the sound system. Sometimes the echo can be too loud, simply adjust the sound system and move the two microphones further away. You can take your time, seat on the chair in front of the equipment and explore the functions. 

There were a wide range of songs selections which were pretty updated. They sort the singers and languages by categories and you would need some time to find the singers or songs which you like. Fret not if you cannot find the song that you want to sing, you can simply select the 'pin yin' by typing the initial of the singer name and a list will appear onscreen. At the end of the day, they can still organize the songs and the singers better. Perhaps, they could classify the singers from different countries in each category. Giving more options enable the customers to find the songs easily after all. 

For your information, the songs were categorize in new songs, female singers, male singers, group and languages. It is not that hard to select a song if you don't mind the hassle and is willing to explore the different functions. It helps that there are pictures of the singer beside the name. If you want to record your voice and go for PK with the other people, you can choose to press the option on the screen. 

We had a great time selecting a range of Chinese songs to English songs and finally our finale were Korean songs! Yes, we selected these popular singers - Alin, Jam Hsiao, A-Mei, Stephanie Sun, Elva, Tanya, Faye Wong, Adelle, Jay Chou, Big Bang, 2NE1, Kim Jong Kook and K.Will songs. Most of the Korean songs, we interlock for original singer voice since we really are not that familar with Korean songs. Feeling a little experimental, I tried Ailee - I will show you without the original singer voice. I was impressed that most of the songs we selected have the original MTV. 

However, I was very disappointed with Kim Jong kook song - One man. To my dismay, they did not have the original MTV of Kim Jong Kook and the song is a mixed up with another song which I don't know. At least, I can find another song song - How come you don't know. During the two hours singing session, we tried to save as much time as possible by pressing the next song button. 

While we were having fun, time passes by very fast. They automatically switched off the system exactly at 1am to refrain us from selecting another song. We listen to the new song of 2NE1 while helping to clear up the place and throw some of the rubbish away. The KTV room was private and cozy, surprisingly the air conditioner was not too cold. As a mean to promote their equipment, they placed a poster on the wall promoting their equipment and stated the prices. In conclusion, I would recommend Teo Heng KTV studio for people who wanted a budget, family KTV style studio that is not too fancy. Just lower your expectation to the amount of money you paid for and you will enjoy a satisfying experiences. 

The equipment and sound system

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