AREX to Gongdeok (or to downtown Seoul) from Incheon Airport

Once you land at Incheon Airport, the next thing to do would be to get to downtown Seoul. There are various modes of transportation that you can take to take you to your destination:
  1.  Airport Railroad Express (AREX) subway
  2.  Seoul Metropolitan Subway
  3.  Airport limousine buses
  4. Taxis
Out of all the available modes of transport, the fastest and most direct would be the AREX, which just takes about 43 minutes to Seoul Station with no fuss about traffic jams. Before the AREX was constructed, getting to downtown Seoul would have required 2 changes of the train lines. Now with the AREX, Seoul, Gimpo Airport and Incheon Airport are connected; making it more accessible and convenient. 

From the AREX website. It has all the timing, pricing and schedules; a very useful and helpful site to check out!

 For the AREX, there are 2 lines:
  1. Express Line, which is non-stop from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station and costs more
  2. Commuter Line, which has 10 stops (including Gongdeok and has Seoul Station as the last stop)

To get to the AREX from Incheon Airport's arrival hall, just follow the signs to the Airport Tranportation Center located at B1. The signs might not be that clear, so if in doubt, you could always ask someone. :) 

The fare was paid using the T-money card that we had purchased earlier at the GS25 convenience store located at Incheon Airport Arrival Area. The alternative would be to purchase the T-money card or the Single Journey Ticket at the ticket/top-up machines located at the AREX entrance.

AREX entrance.
Ticket machines, maps and everything else

Since our destination was Gongdeok Station, it took less than 43 minutes to reach our destination. And needless to say, we choose the Commuter Line because it was cheaper. The train was in good condition; clean and pretty new.

AREX interior
It was a quiet day the day this photo was taken ^^
AREX interior
Similar to Singapore's MRT yet different. The handles on the railings are of different heights

The best part of the AREX is that it is also connected to the other lines of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway, which makes it more accessible. For instance from Gongdeok Station, it is only one stop away from Hongdae (which is at Hongik University Station). How's that for convince! 

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