Hotel Ola... no its not a real hotel but an Italian Restaurant!

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Hotel Ola

After the not so successful visit to KBS to try to get into Music Bank, not to mention waiting in the cold spring breeze for the fun of it, we walked back to the subway station. Well, in actuality we had actually lost our bearings and in our quest back to the subway station, we stumbled upon Hotel Ola.

Hotel Ola
We had no idea where we were walking lol
The cold spring breeze and the approaching evening made our stomachs rumble. And so, we decided to take refuge from the cold have dinner at this welcoming restaurant with a hotel-like name. The name Hotel Ola, with the word 'hotel' reminded me of the Hotel Octa (a cafe with interesting items for brunch or tea) I tried in Singapore.

Anyways, this Hotel Ola in Seoul, is not a hotel, but a branch of a famous Italian restaurant in Baekun Lake, Euiwang City. The interior of Hotel Ola has high ceilings and has a dark wood Italian theme. The dining area is spacious both indoors and out. We were ushered in by the waiter to a table which was near the open kitchen with busy chefs cooking behind the counter. The atmosphere was classy and the service was attentive.

Hotel Ola decor

Before our spaghetti orders arrived, we were served complimentary bread and pickles. A perfect appetizer to get us started!

Hotel Ola bread
Delicious warm bread which reminds me of... Paris!
Hotel Ola Pickles
Nice crunchy and flavorful pickles.. nom nom nom

Not long after our order had been made, DramaQueen spied the table next to us having pumpkin soup - served in an actual pumpkin! So we decided to have that too and it was absolutely delicious and fresh (all that pumpkin goodness). ^^
Hotel Ola pumpkin soup
Pumpkin goodness!

DramaQueen had their special baked spaghetti with is only available from 6pm onwards, while I had the White Wine Seafood Spaghetti. DramaQueen's spaghetti oozed of cheesy goodness enveloped in a delicate baked crust of dough, which complimented the spaghetti's tomato based sauce and cheese. It was not too heavy and would make a satisfying meal for those with a good appetite, though those with smaller appetites might want to share.

Hotel Ola

Just as satisfying was my white wine seafood spaghetti, which had a generous amount of (fresh) seafood which had its flavor enhanced by the wonderful flavor of white wine, and a good portion of spaghetti. The spaghetti was cooked to perfection, just the right amount of consistency and resistance to it.

white wine seafood spaghetti

The meal, sadly had to come to an end when all the food was polished clean off the plates and our stomachs could contain no more. And with the conclusion of the meal, it cost us 60,500 won (which is reasonable given the quality and quantity of the ingredients, service and ambiance). Do visit this place if you happen to be in the area or want to eat Italian (I know I would want to go back again to try the other dishes!). ^^

Hotel Ola

Address : 17 Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Phone: +82-2-2090-7220

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