My Learning Korean Chronicles: Lesson 1 The Korean Alphabet and Hangeul

Hangeul was created King Sejong and consists a total of 24 basic characters: 14 consonants and 10 vowels. All Korean words are made up of syllables which always beings with a consonant and has at least 1 consonant and 1 vowel.

This video pretty much explains how the words are formed:


ㄱ (g/k)
ㅋ (kh)
ㄲ (g - sounds like 个)

ㄴ (n)

ㄸ (d- sounds like 的)


ㅍ (ph)
ㅃ (p)

ㅅ (s)
ㅆ (sh - 是)

ㅇ (silent or ng)

ㅈ (c/j)
ㅊ (ch)
ㅉ (c - sounds a little like 字)

ㅎ (h)


ㅏ (a/ah)
ㅑ (ya)

ㅓ (eo)
ㅕ (yeo)

ㅗ (o)
ㅛ (yo)

ㅜ (u)
ㅠ (yu)

ㅡ (eu)
ㅢ (eui)

ㅣ (yi)

ㅔ (ae)
ㅖ (yae)

ㅐ (e)
ㅒ (ye)

ㅘ (wa)

ㅚ ( oe)
ㅟ (wyi)

ㅞ (we)
ㅙ (wae)

For a more detailed explanation this video pretty much says it all. I think she does a good job with the explanation, pretty good to get started on revision and even self-studying(for those who have the discipline):

So when you put a consonant and a vowel, it forms a word:

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