Singapore to South Korea’s Incheon Airport on Singapore Airlines - Economy Style (Review)

Airfare to South Korea on Singapore Airlines is not really cheap, but still possible when the timing is right. The average ticket costs about S$1000+ and it was over the budget (well, that would just mean spending less on the other things). Fortunately there was a promotion, so we managed to get the tickets at S$705!

As mentioned previously, the booking process on the Singapore Airlines website for a return trip is a breeze. You can choose your preferred seat when booking online as well. Navigation around the website was fairly simple enough and the payment process was a smooth, with the simple input of the credit card number and a click of a button. When payment was confirmed, the itinerary and receipt will be sent to your email (for future reference).

Checking-in can be done online and only at least 48 hours before the flight takes off. As I had input my mobile number, a SMS reminder was sent to inform when I could check-in online. The process was easy, and after checking-in I was able to print out my boarding pass and (any) necessary documents. Being able to select your preferred seat, checking-in online and printing out the boarding pass really saves a lot of time!

When the day for departure arrived, we made our way to Changi Airport Terminal 3 in early the morning to get the luggage checked in. The timing was not that ideal, but given that it was on promotion it was worth it! Once the luggage was checked in, it was time to head to the departure hall for take-off. The flight was supposed to take off at 0800, while boarding time was stated to be 0715 on the boarding pass. I was there at 0630 with plenty of time to spare. As usual, the security screening conducted at the boarding gates was relatively simple, efficient and uncomplicated.

As with my previous experience with Singapore Airlines (to Paris), when it was time for boarding passengers were called in and orderly fashion: the First Class, Business Class, PPS, followed by Economy Class passengers with families, then Economy Class passengers (section by section).

Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure Hall
Waiting to board the place at Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure Hall

One of the things that I like about the Singapore Airlines flight to Incheon Airport from Singapore other than it being a direct flight was the price. With the promotion, the ticket price was more affordable and provided a considerable amount of savings for the same comfort, making it money well spent.

Although the plane was of a smaller type than the one used for the trip to Paris, there was enough leg room and the seat was comfortable (enough), with the headrest able to be adjusted as desired for greater support. A small pillow and blanket were provided.

Singapore Airlines
Waiting for take-off

As with all Singapore Airlines flights, entertainment-wise there is the KrisWorld entertainment system presented on a 10.6-inch personal screen with entertainment options such as watching movies or television shows, listening to music, playing games, and applications such as Flight Path – an application that gives you an amazing view of your flight in and provides the aircraft’s position, flight path, as well as other associated information. There are also ports for charging electronics or power up that laptop.

Singapore Airlines
KrisWorld entertainment system
Singapore Airlines to Seoul
And we are off! ^^
Singapore Airlines to Seoul
Some pretty island while on flight to Incheon Airport

Brunch was served and there were two options: Western (Chicken) and Korean (Beef Bulgogi). We had one of each and there was ice-cream as dessert (yummy!). What really stood out about this flight was the attentiveness and friendliness of the crew (thumbs up to the crew!). Perhaps it was the timing and/or the destination, but I found the crew to Seoul to be more smiley and friendly than the one on the Paris flight (they were more stoic and uptight). Both were professional but the feeling of being welcome on the flight was vastly different.

Singapore Airlines to Seoul
Western meal
Singapore Airlines to Seoul
Korean meal
Singapore Airlines to Seoul
Salad that accompanied both meals. The shrimp was pretty fresh, but the salad was kind of plain and very vegetablish

After being in the air for about 6 hours, we finally arrived at Incheon Airport and made our way through immigration and collected the luggage. Immigration was an interesting affair, your thumbprint and cornea data are collected upon entry. The process was relatively fast and took less than 30 minutes (there was not much of a queue at about 3 in the afternoon).

Incheon Airport
Plane has landed and time to make our way though immigration and collect those luggage!
Incheon Airport
Toilets are easily available :)
Incheon Airport
Awaiting the shuttle to take us to baggage claim and through immigration
Incheon Airport
Everyone was really orderly while waiting for the shuttle and no worries as signage was in English as well *^^*
Incheon Airport
After the trip on the shuttle, it's more walking towards immigration and collection of luggage
Incheon Airport
Finally arrived at immigration after all that walking. The crowd at 3-4 in the afternoon
Note: Do remember to fill up that arrival card fully with address and all. While DramaQueen’s immigration officer didn’t bat an eyelid and let her pass when she did not fill in the address of stay, mine made sure I wrote it down and asked so many questions.

With luggage in tow, it was off to collect the (free) pre-applied local Korean SIM card at the K-Bookshop and buy the T-Money (Seoul’s version of the EZlink card for transport and small purchases at places like convenience stores) at the GS25 convenience store located at Incheon Airport Arrival Area. At the GS25 convenience store we also bought a top-up of 10,000 won for the SIM card.
It took some time and multiple restarts on my andriod phone before the signal could be registered, but it was worth it!

Since there was still some time before meeting Lina (the host of the AirBnB accommodation), we decided to have an early dinner at this Japanese place called, Sanuki Bore, which according to its website, boasts 110 years of traditional Japanese culinary expertise via a technology-sharing alliance with Sanuki Maruichi Co. of Japan, serving up authentic Sanuki udong (noodles) and tempura, sushi rolls, and onigiri (rice balls).

Sanuki Bore
The meal cost a total of 12,000 won.

Sanuki Bore
Open 24 hours. (Except Tuesdays)
Tuesday: 06:00~22:00(Orders accepted until 9 p.m.)

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