AirBnB: A Guest’s First Impressions - Arriving at the Rented Apartment in Seoul

With flight and accommodation settled, specific directions and instructions provided by Lina (the host) were sent a couple of days before arrival. As our flight arrival and the time she got off work coincided, it was nice of  Lina to meet us at Exit 9 of the  Gongdeok Station and soon we found ourselves at the door of our accommodation for our 7 days in Seoul.

Instructions to the apartment were clear and Lina even provided a handmade card with directions to the apartment if we were to arrive (or get back after a day out) by taxi. There is even a cute hand-drawn map to help get orientated with the neighborhood layout.

Upon entering the cozy apartment, the bathroom (equipped with soap, shampoo and towel) was clean and although a little small, it had ample of space for maneuvering and hanging towels and clothes. The shower head, which was attached to the sink, made an interesting sight.

Bathroom - good thing to note is that the door is glass

A little further along the doorway was a small kitchenette (equipped with a stove, sink, utensils, washing detergent, microwave and washing machine) at the left corner of the apartment. The fridge was equipped with a bottle of water (compliments of Lina). There is a grocery shop nearby (about 5 minutes walk away) where you can get all the other necessities (e.g. water, fruits, snacks etc...) you need. There is also the Lotte Supermart (located at the Lotte City Hotel) with is a little further away (about about a 10-15 minutes walk).


Note: The apartment is not that big, but it is just nice for two people who are out most of the time. Even if you decide to stay in there is the TV and Wi-Fi to entertain (although the TV channels are mostly in Korean).

TV corner
Korean TV Channels Galore! ^^
Lina also provided a tour survival pack (very sweet of her) that included:
  • Guest Manual for guests from trash disposal to checking out all the way to the timing of the AREX (back to Incheon Airport) and Airport Buses
  • A folder with attractions and tours (even a menu for McDonald's if you ever feel like ordering in!)
  • A cute little box that contains a T-Money Card, tea and sweets, an international plug, and all the pens you need to plan your itinerary
  • Instructions on how to operate the TV, washing machine and stove. 
Guest Manual
Guest Manual
The red box resource!

    Basic amenities such a small vacuum cleaner, cleaning tools and agents, soap/detergent/shampoo, hangers, a drying rack, hairdyer and towels were provided. Storage space was adequate for two and sleep-wise there’s a super-single mattress and an extra folding mattress with bedding sets as well; the extra folding mattress is also super-single, but thinner than the resident mattress. There are only two pillows, so each person gets one pillow. It would have been nice if each person had 2 pillows, but it’s a minor issue since the cushions made up for it. ^^

    Closet space with extra mattress and drying rack
    Blankets! :)
    The warm welcoming bed on a cold night!

    Lina’s description on AirBnB is accurate and directions to get to there is clear. So if you want to see more apartment photos and/or what else is nearby, do check out her AirBnB listing. The apartment is located in a safe residential area, a convenient 5-10 minutes walk (its good to know that there is a slight slope) to Gongdeok Subway Station and near plenty of food options with coffee shops and supermarkets within the vicinity (e.g. the Mapo BBQ district is just across the street). It might not be so happening for those expecting a vibrant nightlife such as Hongdae or Insadong, but it is an ideal location for a first timer (for me at least) not in a rush and wanting to explore Seoul leisurely (being near the subway and easily accessible to the Incheon Airport via AREX were some of my considerations).

    Overall, the experience of using AirBnB has thus far been positive. Initial impression of the apartment (and Lina) and its surroundings have also been pleasant.

    Do note that this review is only that of Lina's apartment in Seoul using AirBnB, and not on all properties and hosts that are available on AirBnB. When booking other properties on AirBnB, please conduct your own research before booking anything. If you are interested in joining AirBnB and want a discount off your first stay, please sign up here!

    First Impression for Lina’s Loft


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