Ballerina Who Loves B-boy - Korean Breakdance Music

Ballerina Who Loves B-boy

This would be my second “musical/dancical’, the first one being Sachoom. Ballerina Who Loves B-Boy is a nonverbal performance that combines ballet and break-dancing, featuring the best break-dancing routines in the world. It is performed by Korea's top break dancers, "Extreme Crew", who are the B-Boy World Champions.

Ballerina Who Loves B-Boy tells of a love story between a b-boy and a ballerina who falls in love with the b-boy and “changes” for him. It starts off with a ballerina whose classical training is frequently interrupted by the heavy noise from a nearby hip-hop square. This leads to a showdown of dancing genres, as both ballet and street dancers try to outdo one another. The ballerina then falls for the lead B-boy, and gradually grows into his world, becoming a hip-hop dancer herself in the final scene. The show features a fusion of high-energy dance, break-dancing, ballet, and hip-hop. (taken from Visit Korea)

I bought the tickets from Sistic as usual and watched it at the Esplanade with friends. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances I was a little late and missed the beginning a bit. But once I was in, the dancing was awesome! However, the plot was a little weak and contrived, but still it is a performance that anyone could understand and enjoy. The enthusiasm, athleticism and energy of the dancers were super high and infectious. The coolest part of the show? Photographing and videotaping are ALLOWED during the show ^^ (too bad I did not bring my camera).

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